Falling into a Mushpile of Eh…

So yeah. Friday night I sewed bindings…it looked a lot like this…

Sep 27 15 001 small

You can’t see the cats vying for positions on either side of me, but they were there.

Then Saturday I got up and sewed bindings on some more. And then I inked the quilt. Because I like that detail…

Sep 27 15 002 small

It took less than an hour. I was done around 2 PM on Saturday, which was good, because I had somewhere to be at 4-ish.

Sep 27 15 003 small

Then this morning, I ironed her flat and dehaired her and delivered her to my photographer. I get photos tomorrow. Which means I need a name by tomorrow. I have two possibilities, but I don’t know if I like either one. I’m waiting for inspiration to slap me upside the head. Better hurry up or it will have one of these crazy literary titles.

She’s about 60″ square. I didn’t actually measure her before I took her to the photographer. I should do that. I will have to write a statement too, which will be much easier. I know what she’s about. I just can’t be succint in a title about it. Earth Mother Kicks Concrete’s Ass. Yeah. I finished her a day, maybe two early. I had the photographer booked for today or tomorrow. Just in case. And I finished yesterday. There’s something crazy to be said about that.

Anyway, the funniest bit is my brain right now. It’s falling into a mushpile of eh. I have a copyediting job starting tomorrow. I have 2 half-written stories and 2 others that should be done this week. Both will bring in money. I have about 8 or 9 small quilts in the works. I have a commission that I will be finishing tonight. Finally. Kick me in the ass for not doing that earlier. And I have mental plans for two more larger quilts (not huge like this one…just wait until you hear the stats), but I can’t get my brain around those At All at the moment. I just want to flail artistically for a while. Or draw. Or hike (it’s too freakin’ hot still). I don’t want to grade papers, but I’m buried in that right now. Grades are due next week. I’m seriously behind. Always. I’m always behind. What’s new?

I need to clean and do yardwork. I can’t get my head around any of it. I want to make like 4 kinds of cookie bars and send them to my kids at college. I don’t NEED to do that (or DO I?). I want to behave like a normal human being for some period of time and not be so buried. I keep using that word, because that’s how I feel. Under a mound of dirty laundry and papers to be graded (ironic because half the assignments are online, not on paper) and to-do lists.

Maybe I should just draw tonight. No. I have to grade. I have to finish this little quilt. If I finish all that, I really should spend some time cleaning up my studio so I can do the next batch of stuff. It’s a crazy disaster in here. Worse than ever. I didn’t clean up at all this summer in here. I just put my head down and tried to get everything done.

And I did. I got done the quilts I said I would get done (except for the little ones).

So if you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, just remember that I might have some small cat quilts, maybe one dog? There’s an owl. And a heart in hands. And one crazy-ass thing that will probably never sell. But I don’t think it has nudity in it. I don’t actually know where all those pieces are. I got the Wonder Under traced and cut out, so fabric-choosing is next…one of my favorite creative parts of the quiltmaking process. So that would be good. Kick ass on copyediting this week, but try to do an hour of art each night even so. Find the damn boxes, wherever they are, with the Wonder Under pieces in them.

So yeah, the big quilt. Got three titles now. Shit. Don’t like any of them. So I’m listening to music and hoping something pops into my head. But it took 163 hours and 20 minutes to complete. No really. I’m not kidding you. Last year’s big quilt was 144 hours. Earth Stories was longer at 168 hours. So yeah. I started the drawing back in April but then didn’t touch it again until July 11…so the majority of it was done since then. I did keep track of the drawing time on this one, at least once I’d done the smaller figure in a smaller size. Then I enlarged her and drew the rest to size. It took 9 hours just to do that. Sometimes I don’t realize how long it takes to draw something that big. A lot of that time is thinking/staring time, but it’s still what it took to draw it…and it doesn’t even take into account the time in my head when I’m driving around or at the gym and my brain is trying to mess with it up there.

I don’t usually keep track of my drawing time. Maybe I should try.

I will probably look at my sketchbook tonight…just to figure out what I feel like doing next. There’s one quilt poking at me, but I’m not sure it’s the best choice. We’ll see. Eh.

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