It’s Too Hot to Iron

So if you don’t know about summer in Southern California, you’re probably not aware that temperatures don’t usually start to get really bad until the end of August, and then they kick our asses in September and October. We hit over 100 degrees pretty regularly once school starts, and then usually, it mellows out by the end of October and you stop sweating while you sleep (if you are as unlucky as I am to have no A/C). It’s hot right now. I think it hit 100 yesterday; at least, the 90-year-old woman I helped at the gas station (no, really, I am a Girl Scout at heart) told me so. It’s supposed to be hotter on Sunday. Just shoot me now. My Scandinavian blood starts boiling at around 95 degrees and I get all fatigued and cranky and headachy. Then I realize I need to drink about 100 gallons of cold water just to make up for what I’m losing in sweat, and I get a little bit better. But still cranky. It’s a great way to start the school year.

I went to school yesterday, notionally to drop some stuff off, but also to check if they had fixed my A/C there (oh no. you can’t make me teach in heat.), and it was apparently (and yet not) fixed. Sigh. So I bitched and moaned (I need to bring food to my custodian and flowers to my office manager). And then I went to check my mailbox. They realphabetize us every year, but there’s always some short person who gets a box in the top row, and that is now me. I’m the average height for a woman in the US, but it doesn’t mean I can reach that top row without tiptoes, and I certainly can’t see into it. Whatever. Remember? I’m all about the whatever. I just won’t SEE what’s in there. It’s probably better that way.

Then when I finally got home (and I should preface that with I made a trip to Home Depot with the boychild, who then LEFT one of the shelf brackets in the cart there, and we will never ever see it again, I might have to kill him. Wait. And to get another one, I either have to drive out to Ikea on a Saturday or ship it here, with a $10 shipping charge for a $4 item. Methinks he needs to drive to Ikea today.), I went to cook dinner and realized that in training myself out of Costco chicken bags (I won’t need that much chicken once the kids are gone IN A WEEK), I didn’t actually buy chicken for dinner. Bloody hell. And it’s HOT. Aargh.

I’m not stupid. We went out to dinner to this little divey burger place that actually makes some pretty awesome burgers. Seriously awesome. It was good. First we got in a good down-home argument about politics and feminism, and then we devolved into goofiness about song lyrics and all that shit. That’s what I’ll miss. Sigh. I sat on the couch with the girlchild for about an hour while she was going through her photos…pictures of now-dead pets and the kids when they were littler. Sad. That’s the sad I’m allowed to feel.

Ironing started mega-late. The heat. Shit. It makes it hard to iron. I can’t put a real fan on…it has to be one that blows under the ironing board, so it doesn’t blow pieces away. And this room is one of the hottest in the house for some reason. Especially with the lights on.

I only ironed about 2 1/2 hours total. I have 15 hours in so far.

I wanted the whole figure done, but didn’t get there. Too tired. I did the face…

Aug 15 15 003 small

In pieces…

Aug 15 15 004 small

I stopped there. But I had already done the 150-piece bird…

Aug 15 15 001 small

I’m officially halfway through the ironing! Whoo!

Kitten was helping by playing with the drawing again. I have video of her attacking it.

Aug 15 15 002 small

The fan blows it around and she gets all excited and pounces, until you’re actually watching her, and then she pretends she was not interested at all. Typical cat. I could post the video here, but that means finding a cord and all that crap. Not happening.

Here’s all the bits I’ve ironed together that are waiting in the bin until I get it all done. I will probably iron the bird and the head to the top part of the torso before I move on to the other figure…

Aug 15 15 005 small

I didn’t do the hair last night. I have a limited amount of ironing time today…I should really just get on with it, but it’s so damn hot. And I haven’t eaten. But it’s hot, so I don’t want to eat. Aargh. Ice cream for breakfast (I don’t actually LIKE ice cream).

I did do a bunch of school stuff yesterday too, trying to figure out how to schedule stuff when I’m going to be gone. And I wasn’t sure we’d have computers the first three weeks. I’m still not sure about that. Sigh. Whatever. Class sizes will definitely be bigger this year; we already know that. And that’s more work in grading too. Oh well. Whatever. Remember? I’m supposed to say whatever.

So. Crazy ironing goal for today? Dammit. I need to finish her fucking HAIR. That’s really not a lot…like 80 pieces. And I guess I’ll be starting the other figure. Maybe I’ll get her legs done. Because after her legs come the electrical transmission towers, which are like a million tiny stupid pieces. Because I’m only a little crazy and obsessive.

It’s too damn hot to iron.

3 Responses to It’s Too Hot to Iron

  1. Rebecca says:

    Uugh. I thought you had AC. Just be glad you’re not in an area with planned power outages for repairs ALL DAY today!

    Whatever. New mantra?


  2. Too hot here in Santa Cruz too. Too hot to go out so I closed all the windows, turned on the fan and worked all day. Not supposed to work on Saturdays but really….it was too hot to do anything else. Good things about the heat: natural dyes get thicker faster thus better for dyeing and my tree bark ferments faster…it’s a trade off…but seriously, this hot weather sucks…


  3. Lee Thomson says:

    Popsicles? I’ve been eating bowls full of frozen fruit and berries, which feels healthy and COLD, and quite nice. I feel you on the heat, and I’m in New England where I can look forward to moderation in the temperature by the end of August. Theoretically.


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