(crazy woman)

I kicked some ironing butt yesterday: over 6 hours. Paying for it this morning, of course, but hoping I can do another 6 hours today. What’s funny is that I didn’t get very far. I set a goal of the torso being done, maybe one arm. Maybe both. Maybe even the bird. Ha! Well, that’s still about 300 pieces away (so at least another 3 hours, probably more). There’s a lot of tiny and fussy details (I keep saying that, like it will make it easier or make it go away, and it does neither). They take a long time to iron, so hence…everything is taking a long time. I have 600 pieces ironed together and over 9 hours of ironing in.

The thing about having a goal, of setting yourself something a bit out of reach, is that you will keep ironing and continue standing beyond when most (normal) people will give up, get tired, go watch TV, or go to bed. Of course, it helps that I don’t really have someone to hang out with at night. The boychild was in his room with his computer and the girlchild was saying goodbye to a high-school friend who is leaving for college today. So I don’t have someone I COULD hang out with on the couch and talk to and watch TV with, so I just don’t. I do this crazy art shit instead. There are pros and cons to how this works, trust me. I’d prefer the person on the couch at least some of the nights. Last night, it was enough just to have the kids home again after three days of their being gone (3 days. I’m about to do a 4-month stretch. Let’s not think about that negatively. Let’s consider all the art I might get done.).

I did actually start ironing in the afternoon, right after they got home, with the second leg.

Aug 13 15 001 small

It had a wolf on the thigh. Like you do.

Aug 13 15 002 small

The empty stripes on the legs are for a snake that wraps around, but it was in the 300s and I was still in the 200s, so I kept up into the pelvic area, ironing it in a few separate sections…the bones first, then the uterus, and then the tree that comes out of it…

Aug 13 15 003 small

If there’s a lot of tiny details in a section, I often iron it separately and then pop it on top of where it’s supposed to be…

Aug 13 15 004 small

Then I added the bird in its nest and all the leaves. I was missing one leaf, so I cut another one out.

Aug 13 15 005 small

Then I did the snake. I did the snake for HOURS. It has more little tiny fussy pieces in it…seriously, it’s the 150-piece snake. But I love how it looks…it’s modeled after a real snake, the Coast Garter Snake.

Aug 13 15 006 small

There’s actually shading in there, where the snake goes under the legs. So more than a little bit crazy.

I cooked dinner in there somewhere…I think in between snake parts. And then I ironed the pelvis to the legs, pulled the whole thing off the teflon sheet, and re-ironed it on so I could add the lion. This is not the first time I’ve put a lion in my quilts…I love their faces. So serene and motherly and yet dangerous. Protective. She was perfect for this.

Aug 13 15 007 small

I decided to pull that whole section off the teflon and put it in the bin for later. It’s kind of in the way and the next section can be done on its own. This is the torso above the arm…

Aug 13 15 008 small

And then I started ironing the lower arm and hand. A lot of the details will pop when I do the outline stitching.

Aug 13 15 009 small

That’s where I stopped. I almost didn’t. I really wanted to keep going up the arm, but there’s a semi-complicated butterfly next and then a detail whore of a spider’s web. I couldn’t face that after midnight. My legs were killing me. I need one of those bouncy floors in here that they put in at the zoo or at kids’ playgrounds. Except that rubbery stuff would be a pain to sweep and I do iron things together on my floor. This one is so big, though, that I will have to do it in the entryway. Which means cleaning it out! There’s two suitcases waiting to go to Boston, filled with the girlchild’s clothes (maybe she will let me bring a change of underwear…if not, commando it is! There is nothing I will not do for the college cause! OK, that’s not true.), there’s a bunch of boxes to be recycled, a ton of stuff for the thrift shop, and two random guitars. Sigh. I’ll need the whole floor. And the black cat keeps puking on the rug in there, and it’s been washed so many times, it’s finally falling apart. Seriously, it’s been here since soon after we moved in…the girlchild was 10 months old. My mom made it. She doesn’t weave any more, so I will have to glue it all back together and hope it lasts.

So now I have to set today’s crazy goal. Except I can look at what I got done yesterday and realize this section is a little less crazy. Well. Except for the spider and the butterfly and there’s that bee over there. Ha! But let’s put it out there. I gots nothing tonight after my trip to the counselor (gotta keep the mind in a good place) and Costco. I almost gave up on Costco, but toilet paper does get used and I like their cat litter. Plus sometimes there are deals on meat. So the best time to go is after counseling because no one else is there. Then I can come home and iron my ass off. Really, I could be doing that now if I weren’t sitting here writing. And didn’t still need a shower. And didn’t have to run an errand with the boychild (today? tomorrow? can’t put it off after that dammit.). I find after parenting for 19+ years that you should always do the errand when you think you have time the first time around, because the time you think you will have tomorrow will get eaten up by some OTHER stupid errand or event or emergency. I need to get the car smogged too. Boring! Can’t iron there.

I need another week. I always need another week. But no, this time I really do.

The goal, Kathryn. Focus. Make a goal. OK, so I know there’s about 300 pieces to get to the bird, and I want the bird done. Fuck it. Let’s go all out and aim to have the larger figure completely done today (that’s nuts, woman. It really is.). No really. It’s only another 500 pieces. Or 600. You can do that. You can at least aim to do that.

OK. I have my goal. (crazy woman)

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