I Can’t Stand It…

Oh Holy Hallelujah, the ironing is done. Last night. When I thought I could stand no longer. When I was too tired to move. I ironed. Dammit, I wasn’t ironing for another day. I was a gonna be done. I finished at 11:46 PM. Here’s part of the pile before I organized it…

Aug 4 15 002 small

I really like the color-organized bins at the very end, when I count the fabrics…

Aug 4 15 005 small

Because that’s 151 different fabrics used. It took 23 hours and 49 minutes to pick fabrics for about 1875 pieces. That’s it. No biggie (cough). Earth Stories took longer (had more pieces). Last year’s biggie took 22 1/2 hours to pick fabrics. Makes sense. This one is about 100 more pieces. Which means I only have about 80 more hours to put into it (oh dear. I’m not sure it helps to know that number). It’s OK. I have no life. And in 3 weeks, the timesuckers leave for college. Ignore the job, right? And the other art project? It will be fine.

Here’s the pile that still needs to be cut out…

Aug 4 15 003 small

It’s not insignificant. You know, I was at school today and it all felt…well…rather overwhelming. As does my house at the moment, being full of half-finished projects and things that need to be shipped to college or driven to school. I’m a little wacko at the moment. Can’t handle it. And no, there is no easy way to migrate 39 website links from our old school website to the new one. And no, you will not have an email sign-up button for parents to click. And no, you don’t really need a history teacher on your team. It will all be OK (calming voice). Breathe in. Breathe out. Remember that all they will remember of what you teach is sex ed, and even that, they will only remember what they want to remember. So no, the pregnancies and STDs are NOT your fault.

Boychild has been doing wood projects for me. He now knows how to sand, stain, and varnish.

Aug 4 15 001 small

Hopefully someone with a drill (because mine has disappeared) will help teach him how to hang shelves.

I joked I was going to clean one square foot of the house a day after the kids left…which would be fine if everything was on the floor. So really, it’s a foot cubed and that space is much larger than I’d like to consider. Ignore garage. I’ll tell you later about the book I’m reading, which alternately makes me want to purge my entire closet (like really. All of it) or break out laughing because it’s so hilarious (and no, it wasn’t supposed to be…I think).

I am so tired. It was a long day. And it’s not over. But I gots shit to do. So more tomorrow maybe. But expect me to be cutting shit out for days. And cleaning. Because I really can’t stand it.

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