Making the Image Appear

I wrote this whole post in my head last night as I was falling asleep. It was freakin’ amazing. I can’t even tell you. I really can’t, because I forgot the whole thing. I can tell you that I spent the last 20 minutes on hold with one kid’s financial aid department trying to make sense of their cryptic emails, just to have them admit one of them didn’t make sense. Well alrighty then. I feel vindicated! Not really. I feel annoyed, but what can I do about that? We still have no financial aid from one school due to paperwork issues. I was hoping it would be soon, so I can plan, but it’s not.

I started frog dissections yesterday with my students. The first day is easy, just the head stuff, no real cutting…but it’s hard work and my voice is trashed today. It will be worse tonight. I’m still buried in work. I had a plan to get some done last night, but I went to the gym and then had a long and helpful conversation with my SIL. I’m not sure why her comments are easier to take…she seems to be closer to where I’m at with child-raising than others around me. I don’t have the perfect situation…hers is more ideal in some ways, with both parents around, but there are still the normal kid issues, so it felt better talking it out with her. I’m still in a mood about the whole mess. I think I need to sit the kids down and have a real-live financial conversation with them. Again. Fun stuff.

So instead of getting some stuff graded last night, I dealt with sanity. And then I came into the office and cut stuff out again while watching the last episode of Deep Space Nine, which I don’t think I ever saw. In fact, I don’t think I saw the last season. Not surprising. I think I was going back for my teaching credential at that point and watched very little TV.

I am almost done with the cutting out of pieces as well…

May 27 15 001 small

The pile on the right is all that’s left: some bathtub pieces and a few tree pieces, maybe some fleshy bits. I’m about 6 1/2 hours in. Then I can start ironing it together, which is the cool part. I might get to that by the weekend (or I might need to work my butt off on school stuff for a few nights). I should have graded some this weekend, but I just couldn’t. I think my brain does a pretty good job these days of realizing that I’m overworked and trying to force me to take a break. But the plus is that kids are asking me about their grades, when I will get the journals graded. Normally state testing gives me a big chunk of time to grade stuff, but with all the technology issues we had, I couldn’t get very much done, so I’m behind. So I tell the kids they can’t depend on their journal grade to save their class grade; they will need to do all their missing and makeup work to make sure they are safe. Mean, really.

Anyway. I have to spend some time grading tonight. I won’t get much done at school today, because the dissections are pretty high maintenance. I’m balancing the sense of relief I feel at the end of the year coming up with the panic that grades will be due. It’s an interesting dichotomy.

In good news, my car is supposed to be fixed today. Hopefully (don’t think about the cost). Dad’s car is similar to mine, but I like my car better. And I know he wants his car back. And my foot isn’t hurting from the gym last night…although it hurt during the day while I was doing the lab. Stupid body. I have a finger that’s bugging me too from using scissors. Weird how the body ages and joints you never heard from are screaming louder than a baby with a wet diaper. I guess that’s the future for me…painful joints. Weird bruises on my hand that seem to come from nowhere. Disrupted sleep. Mood swings from hell (hey, those should go away at some point, right?).

Sigh. Finish cutting pieces out tonight. Sort them. Move on to the fun stuff, making the image appear. I really am in survival mode. I’m glad I have art to pull me out of the muck.

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  1. This: “I wrote this whole post in my head last night as I was falling asleep. It was freakin’ amazing. I can’t even tell you. I really can’t, because I forgot the whole thing. ” I’ve written half a novel that way. Stupid, really. Seriously. How hard would it be to actually type it into some format? But … Then the novel “Gone Girl” came out and made it a moot point, anyway. Not that my plot was the same — husband disappeared, no one had reason to suspect the wife… but the disappearing spouse thing… One thing I’ll tell you, at the end, the bad guy goes over a cliff, and the slimy sheriff’s deputy is arrested for possession of child porn. That holds, no matter what.

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