Oh Hallelujah

The financial aid crap is finally done. After 20 minutes on the phone to somewhere, Ken, lovely Ken, confirmed that all the documents are there and processed and available to the institution (I keep thinking “mental institution,” which is more about how I feel). It’s out of my hands now. Bless them. I don’t need to worry (OK, that’s not going to happen…now I need to worry about how much they’ll award this year and whether I’m gonna be broke in a year). But seriously, I’ve been working on this for both kids since the last week of January. How can it take this long? So much time and energy. Sigh.

In other news, I cut out a little bit of Wonder Under last night. Mostly I did school stuff, because we are in the middle of testing and there is all this free time for kids after testing is done, and yesterday was a giant scheduling clusterfuck, and today could be even worse in terms of headaches. I ended up losing my prep, which meant trying to eat in front of kids, which I hate doing and I do a shitty job of doing anyway, so my blood sugar was off all day and the headaches that go with that were on Motrin number 8 at some point, which isn’t actually that much, but it’s because I kept thinking, “Ouch, I have a headache, I should do something about that,” and then forgot to do anything.

Whatever. I’m semi-prepared for two hours today and 17 kids with nothing to do…oh, to clarify, 7 of them have stuff to do…they’re just not going to want to do it. So we’ll see how that goes.

I have no pictures of cutting out Wonder Under. I do however have pictures of the big quilt I finished recently, Earth Mother for Ventura, thus called because of their requirement for no nudity, no politics, and no violence…

Nida008 small

She’s not a small quilt, at around 55×66″. Plus she’s got 90 hours or so into her…

Nida009 copy small

I talked to my photographer about how to best provide prints to those who want them, and he gave me some names of places that could do that.

Nida010 copy small

Now I just need the time to go research that. Ha!

Nida011 copy small

Might have to wait until school gets out.

Nida012 copy small

It was an interesting experiment, making this quilt. Still sussing it out in my head. And there’s no guarantee it’ll get into the show! As always. Oh well. On to the next one, right?

3 Responses to Oh Hallelujah

  1. Beautiful!!! Show or no show. 💛


  2. Your work is amazingly inspiring and don’t forget to take a Motrin if you have a headache today. Working that way can be pretty shitty.


  3. She’s lovely. I love the dark background. Do you think it’s not political? 😉

    Financial aid: I did the pre-whatever when our son was a hs sr. It said we could afford to send quintuplets to school with no help. So I didn’t even bother. It lied, of course.

    Good luck with the end of the school year.


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