Spiky Balls

Head is a stress mess, filled with tax forms and crazy requests from financial aid departments and school crap. Please explain how I should get a signature from a kid who is 3000 miles away? I should fly there? Gaarrrr.

It happens every year. Deep breaths. Couple that with trying to finish grades and girlchild starting her AP exams…she cooked, but I had to clean up after her. Repeatedly. Even her lunch stuff. When APs are done, we are having a (heated probably) discussion.

By the time I was done with everything (or as done as I could be, which felt pretty damn done, by the way, but surely isn’t, because I have to call New York this morning, except they’re only available for 4 hours today, and those are the hours I’m at work)…I didn’t have much energy for artmaking…especially when said artmaking required more standing.

May 5 15 001 small

There is just nothing exciting about pictures of me tracing pieces. Really boring looking. Except you can see that I have filled in many of the blank spaces now. I stopped there because the next piece I needed to trace was huge and would need its own piece of Wonder Under, and I didn’t have the energy to do that. To cut a new piece, to start tracing something really huge, like a bathtub. I like stopping somewhere logical, so I can figure out where I was the next day, and that was a logical stopping place. So I stopped.

Plus it was past 11 and I was still dealing with drama.

UGH. But I feel like crap this morning, and it’s not just because now I’m stressed about financial aid paperwork (I am) or the thing that happened at school yesterday that’s really freakin’ stupid but that I will still have to manage, or that I’m trying to get everything into their heads before we start testing officially at my school, or that I can’t possibly fit everything in, who the hell was I kidding, plus the headache? Plus maybe someone could tell me if this is really a broken bone in my foot, because I wore different shoes yesterday and holy ouch!

It’s morning now. I’m drinking tea. I’ve eaten my Cheerios. I made lunch. I printed all the stuff I needed for the reproduction unit, so I can get it copied for me and the other teacher. I will bully through Punnett squares for another 4 days and then we’ll be done (well, sort of).

Really, it’s better to try to think of the other things…I am tracing Wonder Under for a new quilt. I need to call the photographer about getting those two done…wait, now I’m back into stress mode, too many things to do, the headache is spreading!

I make lists. Lots of them. I put reminders on my phone. I have post-it notes everywhere. I put papers on my doc cam so I know I’ll see them in the morning.


Sigh. I don’t even have time to go through my meditation program this morning. I have duty before and after school for the next two weeks. I hate duty. It’s just more stressful management of crap. Being an introvert and a teacher takes careful management of peace and quiet throughout the day…few and far between.

Deep breath in for four. Slowly let it out for four. Y’all wanna know how I get through it all? There. Breathe. And take Motrin.

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