Zero Stars…

I’m alive, mostly. Short post, just checking in. I tested positive for COVID Wednesday after school. Because I had a positive exposure, I was masked at school. I made it through one day with kids! Then sub plans. Many thanks to my co-teacher for covering.

That’s the team after school, missing some people.

I wrote sub plans Wednesday night and basically crashed all day, with a not-so-quick trip to get paxlovid. Managed to rise from the dead for an hour to Zoom with friends and cut some stuff out…

Then back to bed. Someone said I would be getting so much art done, but no…I’m out of it. I have to test negative or hit 10 days to go back to school. But I’m improving. Got up this morning to deal with school stuff and the dog, then needed a 3-hour nap to recover. Up now to eat, write sub plans, then will go back to bed.

Zero stars. Do not recommend. Probably a good time to skip school though…nothing is crucial.

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