Motivational Shit…

It’s always cool when the whole quilt comes together. It’s definitely worth the tired feeling. I never see it all colored in until this point, and that’s crazy, sure, but also kinda cool. I did have a meeting after school yesterday…science curriculum…in which we decided to just go rogue. Like after a year plus of trying to pick the best curriculum for our kids, we can’t find anything (honestly, I don’t think we’ve looked at everything, but we can’t get people to agree on anything right now, and we’re down to almost no people, so whatever), the district wants us to design our own, but I don’t trust the people who actually want to do it to do it right or well enough for my kids (but oh yes, I guess I will be reviewing it, so that crazy sweetheart who says she’s got a Master’s degree in writing CERs? Well yeah, honey, I’m the one who will using your stuff. I don’t trust her at all. Nope. I don’t.). So there’s that.

I came home and input one assignment into our grade program and then graded exactly three essays before I was done. I’m going to spend a few weeks tracking my school work hours. The group I’m in also wants me to track my energy, the stuff that sucks it away (um, staff meetings, parent meetings, duty outside, grading essays) and gives me more (the gym, hiking, art). I know today that we need to set up for Monday’s lab, so we don’t have to worry about it later. I think there’s other shit we need to do too, but my brain isn’t working right now. I’m still fighting this cold. It’s not helping.

Anyway, after inputting that assignment, I headed into the office, because my quilt friend who moved to Portland wanted to video chat and I wanted to finish ironing.

That’s actually her taking a picture of me in my studio. At some point, the girlchild was FaceTiming (so she could see the dogs) as well, which is a little crazy. While talking, I ironed all the things from yesterday onto the body, as well as a few other cacti I had to put together…

This thing is not small…that’s for sure…

Then I ironed a few monarchs from this summer. The recording I’m listening to this morning is talking about work having a greater meaning, which can help you keep working even when you’re tired. Huh. Yeah. That. I am heavily motivated by my art.

That feeling I get when a piece gets all ironed together or quilted and photographed, that’s an amazing feeling. So much of the process is really boring to watch (and sometimes to do; cutting stuff out, I’m talking to you) and people don’t respond much, and I feel like I’m showing yet another pile of Wonder Under scraps or many traced pieces…but then I get it to this stage and it’s so much more exciting and motivating to come in here and MAKE.

The monarchs get a home and then a snake wanders over…

At this point, I was ready to put the whole thing together, so I took a break, got some tea, and then got ready for the big part.

Oh yeah. That’s good. I ironed it a little tight on the left, but it’ll be fine.

It’s better than OK. It’s awesome. OK, so tonight, I start the stitch down. Someone asked how I’m going to quilt it…um, fast? Yeah. Fast. Can I do the stitch down on Friday and Saturday and then sandwich it? That’s the plan. I have batting (have to order it online ahead of time now), but it needs washing. I’m sure I have enough fabric around here for a pieced backing. I also need to grade stuff, go to the gym, and head over to the Visions Museum opening at some point…but this is a good place to be.

Apparently everyone agrees with me…and some sort of truce has been made by these two.

She just wants pets. And a toy.

She’s a nervous old lady sometimes.

And someone left him on a chair. He doesn’t really know how to get OFF the chair, so he sits there and stares at me until I help him.

That pitiful look. Today is Friday. I can do a Friday…and maybe I can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning (first time in a while) and then get a lot of motivational shit done.

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