I’m writing this quickly before I go to school, hopefully to pull all that crap out of cupboards and put it where it belongs. I need music and tea and time. I never have enough of the last one. We’ll see about the other two.

Yesterday, I copyedited…finished Part 2 first readthrough. I’m going to start Part 3 and come back to Part 2 later. I need space from it.

I also ironed a lot…how much? Huh. There’s an app for that. Almost 5 hours. I got the first side done…

If you look up near the top, on the table, my phone is on a tripod. I’m on FB Messenger Video with a friend of mine who moved to Portland. I ironed and she tried to set up her loom. It worked. It’s part of why I got so much ironing done…I did about an hour and a half with her and another 30 minutes or so on the phone with my brother and SIL. Small world.

Then we had the girlchild’s birthday dinner (late)…which included an amazing spread from a Middle Eastern restaurant, plus the boychild’s homemade strawberry shortcakes. Delicious, but I forgot to take any photos because I’m lame. There was a LOT of food. There’s still a lot of food. It’s in my fridge.

After dinner, I continued with the ironing…putting the edges around…

Then I rolled up that half and set it aside and started ironing the other half…

That’s a pretty healthy start. I’ve still got pieces in the 400s that go up on the right and complete the hand of the other figure, which will have to wait until I iron them together. But mostly, I was ready to start the 500s and noticed it was after midnight. I couldn’t go back to sleep this morning after the Man left for work, so I guess it’s good I was in bed by 12:30 AM. Because it was early this morning.

Anyway, I’m going to school, coming back and copyediting some more, and maybe getting the rest of this ironed today. I’m hoping, but who knows. Time is tight. I think I guessed 10-15 hours of ironing and I’m 7 minutes short of 9 hours right now. Guaranteed there’s another 3 hours in there. There’s at least 250 pieces plus ironing it to the background. So yeah. It’s going to be tight. Sigh.

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