Long Words, Excellent Words*

I’m a ninja again today. I even did laundry, so I’d have more clothing choices, but the reality is there’s a lot of black in there. I might want to rethink that for full summer heat. I say that every year. Eh. Good news! I get to keep my teeth too! To summarize, this week, I have confirmation that my boobs and my teeth are just fine and I may keep them. Woo hoo. Today I’m getting my hair cut. It’s OK. It grows back. Always. Most annoyingly in fact. Can I grow more Einsteinian white spazzy hairs? Yes, yes I can.

Like promised, I went to the quilt store yesterday for the binding on this quilt. Of course I bought more. It was a delight. No, I don’t need more fabric. But I didn’t have these. Sigh.

I tried for some real variety, although some are obvious fillers to the stash. The one on the bottom left is the binding. There are three others in there that were possible bindings but got rejected…the green on the almost bottom right, the darker reddish brown three fabrics above it, and the dark blue that is three down from the top left. The other one won out.

I also bought some grays for possible future embroideries.

I’m supposed to pick Kona or Free Spirit, and my quilt store doesn’t have a lot of Free Spirit, so Kona it is. I haven’t actually designed the next 5 embroideries, but they’re on my list for the next two days. I need at least one done before I leave for Palm Springs on Sunday…hopefully two or three. I have ideas…I just need TIME. Always time. That bastard.

The fabric for the binding had these cool color things (covered wagons for each color in the fabric printing) on the selvedge.

One of the women who cut my fabric (I required two cutters…not really, one had to take a phone call) said she recognized fabrics right away, like the designer/producer, just from how it looked. I have to admit to Almost Never looking at the names on the selvedges…unless I’m trying to get more of it, which is pretty rare. Seriously never look. Maybe I should? I don’t know…I have a pretty wide range.

So then I finished quilting in the afternoon…poor old lady dog. She’s better but not fully herself.

She did bring me a toy and tried to get me to throw a stick for her. Huh. How you gonna run, babe?

Quilting took a total of 6 hours and 17 minutes. Not bad. Then late last night, after all the other stuff I did (book club for one), I trimmed it…sewed the binding and sleeves on…

And pinned them down for hand stitching.

With help from the fam. This is after midnight, of course. The humans are asleep. I don’t know when I’m going to do the hand stitching itself…it’s not crucial and there’s some other stuff I’d like to get done before next week’s hell in a handbasket of scheduling horrors.

But it’s all folded up and ready to go.

I need to stitch this down…

It’s for this weekend’s conference. I don’t like polyester. I don’t like wearing men’s T-shirts. Those were the two choices. So I gotta do this, and then my co-teacher wants me to attempt a V-neck on her shirt (I might kill it). She sent me a video. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile during all this, they’re tearing up my road…way down there, is the only access to our private road. We can get in and out for now, but not apparently this afternoon (could be problematic)…

And then next week, they’ll seal the whole road and my driveway (it’s only been like 15 years since the last one).

Meanwhile, Calli is still resting and recovering…she needs more meds. Gotta go get those.

I have a magenta post-it note with my list of errands, since I won’t be able to come back up the road all afternoon. I’m debating taking my computer with me…but probably not necessary. I think I can walk in, even if I can’t drive.

Simba is still confined to the cone, because he keeps licking the leg where his IV was, and now it’s scabbed over. It’s kind of nice, because you can check his feet for foxtails and he can’t reach you to bite you.

He’s not really a fan of the head thing though. Poor guy. All of them! So sad.

OK, off to errands and appointments and hopefully getting a load of shit done before I get home, right? Don’t even talk to me about the load of things that’s on my list here. Sigh. Never going to catch up.

*Peter Gabriel and Laurie Anderson, This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)

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