If I Move This Could Die*

Some days we don’t meet our goals. It’s not that we don’t try. There just isn’t whatever it is that we needed to get there. In this case, energy. I used it all.

After leaving for work at 7:15 AM, going through a meeting, teaching about density, talking about scientists who are like YOU (not white men…please get beyond Bill Nye and Albert Einstein), trying to pick a book publisher with no think time (that part made no sense), driving to buy thread, and finally making it home at right around 7 PM…well, I honestly didn’t have the energy to quilt. I did grade though. Now I’m 2/3rds of the way through the tests. Whoopee. Yeah, I’m grading this weekend…why do you ask? I am never ever caught up. It’s like torture sometimes. I just want to be only like one assignment behind. Grade less, they say. My kids won’t work if they don’t see the grade. My principal wants to see the grade. My counselor and my APs want to see the grade. The grade is the grade.

Anyway. So I didn’t quilt, but I did buy the damn thread. I stared at the display, pointed at all the blues, trying to find the right one. I had the number, but no eyes to read the things down by my knees. I finally looked at the chart and counted the number of trays down and across until I found it. In the right weight. Plus some of the regular stuff for the bobbin.

IMG_7791 small

Dark blue is always good. I don’t usually use the brighter blue, but who knows…

Oh yeah, I forgot that I had to cook dinner and lunch for today, because I miscalculated my lunches this week. Silly. Tomorrow I have a potluck. I have to cook something for that too. I’m going for cookies.

While I was grading, Katie kept giving me side-eye. She wants to be on the couch. Plus the gray cat was sitting next to me, and that’s exciting too, if you’re Katie.

IMG_7790 small

I bought my annual SAQA donation quilt…this is Faith by Karol Kusmaul.

IMG_7792 small

I’m a fan of the blue nose and the hair. A nice addition to the collection…it will get hung this weekend. I collect people and faces when I can.

OK, so I pulled the quilt (not finished) off the machine to go buy binding after school today, because I don’t know if I’ll have time tomorrow and I want to make sure that I can finish quilting sometime in the next 36 hours or so, and then put the binding on it. And strangely, quilt stores are not open at all hours, so I have to do the shit during their work hours. Surely I can sit on the couch and bind shit next week. I also need to redo the drawing for the next quilt and then get it enlarged and continue it. That will probably be over the weekend too, if I can pull it off. Plus finish grading the tests and a few more assignments. It all needs to get done somehow.

Meanwhile, my government ignores issues with the current Supreme Court nominee. I wish things had changed since Clarence Thomas, but they haven’t. I love living in a country where they think a guy accused of sexual attacks, or more importantly, one with such an aggressive tone in his testimony, or one who outright lied during the questioning, where they think that’s a good choice for the top court in the land. Vote, people. Vote every damn time. Which reminds me, if you’re a quilter who wants to friend me on Facebook, I do scroll through your posts…if there’s 4 or 5 of them about how you think Ford is lying and Kavanaugh is amazing, I won’t accept the request. That seems like a duh moment. Like who the fuck is looking at my quilts and wanting to be my friend and still supports him? I don’t get it. Sigh.

Tonight I do not have to cook. I do not have to work for 14+ hours either (but I probably will).

*Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out

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