It’s Hard to Walk Away…

OK, so I didn’t sleep much. Art brain on a roll. I said I wanted to be done with the ironing before we left for the mountains. I ironed in the afternoon…put all those single leaves together.

IMG_6519 small

I ironed the bird on her head…

IMG_6520 small

And a lamp. Of course…because we’re outside…

IMG_6521 small

Girlchild keeps the puppy happy, as always…

IMG_6523 small

Then we headed out to dinner with the kids’ cousin from the UK, on a US tour. I think the last time I saw him, he was 5…so that was cool.

IMG_6530 small

Then I came home and ironed some more…the last figure!

IMG_6531 small

I didn’t think about race when I originally drew the first drawing, but I wanted to have a diverse group in the finished quilt, so I made sure I picked a variety of color ranges. I really like how this woman turned out.

IMG_6532 small

And the inevitable cat…

IMG_6533 small

More single leaves getting put together.

IMG_6534 small

So it was after 11 PM before I started ironing the whole thing down. Normally I’d iron a piece this big on the entryway floor, but it wasn’t clean, plus it’s horrendously hot in there right now. So I fussed with it on the ironing board until I got all the bits in place.

IMG_6535 small

The two larger figures got ironed down at the top, and then every leaf got put on individually.

IMG_6536 small

Not a quick process.

IMG_6537 small

So there she is. I need to do a steam iron of it before I start stitching down. That’ll be Wednesday.

IMG_6538 small

It’s huge, by the way. It took 25 hours and 38 minutes to iron together. Yikes! There’s a lot going on in this quilt. The statement will be fun to write.

Meanwhile, the boychild is currently driving me toward Lake Arrowhead, where we’re going to hang out for a few days while the girlchild is here, before school starts. She’s in the other car with her dad and the dogs. I’ve got a couple of quilts that need bindings sewn on…I have 2 or 3 drawings that need development. Plus hanging out and trying to not get sunburnt. Wish me luck. It’s hard to walk away from the quilt at this stage, but I did meet my goal, so that’s a plus.

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