Is It Because It’s True*

I have no idea what I thought I would get done yesterday. I know I did some stuff, but it never feels like enough…although I’m sitting in my studio at the moment and it’s almost sort of clean. And I know I should go to the gym today, but honestly, I just wanna iron. Even though it’s hot today and the gym is air-conditioned, I want to get going on this quilt. I parsed out the time in my head last night that this quilt needs while trying to fall asleep (this is probably partially why I can’t sleep at the moment), and it’s going to be tight. I have people visiting and things I can’t take with me on trips and school starting and people gone and it just is too much. Plus art exhibits that need entering all over the freakin’ place. Deep breaths. It’s summer. Yeah? It is. Relax. Ha! Don’t know how.

No more political stuff today, no more worrying about censorship today…just going to make the art I make and then I’ll get irritated with the universe again when there’s time and space for it. Not today.

So after all the chaos with the portable air conditioner and trying to make space for it in here and justify the expense, and not falling asleep (again) because my brain was trying to debate its usefulness and what else I could do in here when it’s really only a problem maybe 10-20 days a year, a REAL problem. So it’s gone. We returned it. I say we, because it weighed like 70 pounds, so even moving it was a problem. Boychild is useful. Sigh. In the long term, it probably makes sense to put in a wall A/C unit in the space where the never-used TV is (I watch the computer now). But not in summer…in winter, when they’ll charge me less. So today we sweat. And you’ll remind me in the next few months, as this hellacious summer continues through October, that I decided against A/C in here. It’s supposed to be 106 degrees today. In July. It’s never this hot in July. Makes me afraid of August and September, when we get our worst heat.

Anyway, once the sun got full overhead, I went out and sorted Wonder Under in the other (much hotter) room…although there is more light in there now too, with the trees trimmed…we still need to go whack the shit out of the bougainvillea that went up into the tree, but that will require a chainsaw. And a cooler day.

IMG_6014 small

Strangely, the guy hasn’t shown up for payment yet. I’m sure he will. I’m so glad he didn’t make lollipops out of my trees.

IMG_6018 small

Properly laced, those are. Hallelujah. Now to save up for the next two.

So it took about 2 hours to sort all 1900 or so pieces.

IMG_6015 small

With two fans blowing on me. Luckily, they are low enough that they don’t blow pieces out of the boxes once they’re in there, although I did have to chase after a couple that got blown out of my hand while placing them.

IMG_6016 small

Time-consuming, but necessary in the long run.

Then after dinner, I headed in here to try to straighten it up for ironing. It looks packed because it is. But I put away all the fabric from the last quilt, plus straightened up in general after trying to fit the air conditioning unit in here. Really, this room needs a major remodel and culling. I do a little every once in a while, but it’s not enough. I have drawers of fabric I can’t even access at the moment, which is silly. But it’s worked for a long time…I just need more logical storage.

IMG_6024 small

The drawing is hung. I’m almost ready to iron.

IMG_6026 small

I sorted the first 100 pieces, but then I was too damn tired to start ironing. So that’s today.

IMG_6027 small

Kitty standoff.

IMG_6029 small

So I figure the ironing will take about 25 hours. My left foot is still bugging me, so I’m going to STRETCH like a good girl and wear my Crocs because they are squishy and not as hard as a concrete floor and I’m going to take breaks, but I want to be done with ironing by Saturday when I leave for the man’s show. Can I do that? I can. It won’t be easy. But I can. Honestly, I should be able to do it in three days, but we have gaming Friday night…so I’m giving myself that extra time. A plan! I have a plan! Which I will inevitably screw up, but that’s OK…that’s life. I find I do much better if I try to make a plan.

*Jem, They

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