Oh Life, It’s Bigger*

OK, y’all. I’m really trying to stay sane here, but my government is negatively affecting my sleep. Damn Nestle too. WTF with the breastfeeding thing. Babies need breast milk…it’s the best for them. If a mom can’t do it, for whatever reason (except getting her nails or hair done), then OK, that’s a thing. But we shouldn’t be encouraging that. Sigh. And then crazy nominees for the Supreme Court. Damn Mitch McConnell and his mealy-mouthed witterings. Plus the environment…poor unprotected space. I sat there last night staring at the drawing I’m doing and trying to focus on one thing…ONE THING. But I couldn’t. So maybe it’s got immigration and pollution and climate change AND women’s rights all rolled into one. Because it’s not all separate in my brain or in real life.

UGH. I just need my brain to chillax. So I’m writing all this backwards…I drew last night for about an hour, but had to wait for the temps to cool down. I ended up taking the arm from the original drawing and turning it into an angry sea mermaid. Still working on her. Then I can fill in the ocean around her and then try to finish the land bits.

IMG_5714 small

I went to bed around 12:45 AM (but didn’t sleep for hours)…had to take some notes on what to draw next so I wouldn’t forget it. So those are on my phone for later today. I have today off from jury duty…and 14 thousand things to do.

Petting a hot puppy…

IMG_5707 small

Pinbasted this last night…the entryway is really warm this time of year…

IMG_5709 small

So it involved a big glass of icy water and a fan…which is why I got the dog: tile floor plus fan equals cooler fluffy dog.

IMG_5711 small

She’s ready to quilt…hopefully today too…

IMG_5712 small

This cat refuses to acknowledge rules. He wanted to lie on the quilt. Multiple times. All my other animals know better.

IMG_5713 small

So the plan is to ship quilts to Washington for a show up there, go to the post office and mail stuff to a variety of places, find shirts for the boychild, and go get edumacated about the diabetes I’ve had for 16 years. Fun day. Then quilt and draw…now THAT part is fun. More of that.

*R.E.M., Losing My Religion

2 thoughts on “Oh Life, It’s Bigger*

  1. The beast feeding thing really got to me, too. I am old enough that I fought so hard for all of this before. Then the Dumpster lied about it. Ugh!


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