Art on My Mind

I forgot to mention yesterday that I was watching and rooting for all the marches yesterday. I’m hoping that we as a country find a way to be more accepting and kind to all humans, no matter our own political bent. And I really hope that (a) we stop separating children from their families and (b) we reunite those kids who are separated. I don’t care about what the law says right now or which president we want to blame for it…just fucking fix it. Stop blaming people who are trying to escape shitty situations. Let’s help them. Take responsibility for humanity. The days of this country against that country really do need to be over. We are one world community and what we do and say affects others. It’s like watching your worst period of the day in middle school, the one that may even be your smallest class, but the least functional…listening to them bitch and moan and gripe, reworking every classroom behavior tool you’ve ever used in your life to try to manage them and get them functional again, even sitting in circles and singing to each other (dammit, sometimes that works…if you’ve never taught, then be quiet). We need to do that; we need to be that. No excuses.

So there’s that. Wait. That applies to the quilt world too. We all have quilting and a minor (or major) fabric obsession in common. Maybe that can be a way to make the rest of it better…for kids, for families, for the disabled, for the disenfranchised, for the groups who need help, need food, need shelter. If you are in the privileged party (hello y’all white folks like me), you need to be part of the solution…making it better, easier, safer. You don’t get to ignore it because you don’t think it’s about you, doesn’t affect you, you don’t believe it actually happens (I listened to a Mexican woman tell me children weren’t being taken away. I was confused by that.). Sigh. This political existence is stressful. It’s easy to try to ignore it…it’s hard to see solutions that work for everyone. A friend from high school just commented that he was willing to give up ICE if the Democrats were willing to give up the Department of Education. Well. Hmmm. Maybe he doesn’t know what that department does? Or maybe he’s rich enough that his white boy children won’t need federal aid. My kids got federal aid to go to college. A whole lot of people could never afford college without that aid. Pretty privileged idea…although honestly, with DeVos in charge, it’s hard to see the good in the department. Tell you what! I’ll give you DeVos in exchange for ICE. She can go. She’s mostly useless. But the department serves a purpose.

Sigh. So there we are. Don’t even get me started on the Supreme Court. Maybe my whole existence is political right now. I know many people where that’s true and they don’t even get a choice…refugees, immigrants, people of color, the trans community, anyone who doesn’t fit in the box.

Satchemo staring at me. I don’t remember what I was doing. Organizing shit.

IMG_5469 small

Definitely drinking tea.

So I went around and around in my head about this drawing and how to take what I liked in two drawings and move shit around and get what I wanted. So yesterday afternoon, in between lunch and dinner, I taped two big pieces of paper together and started tracing the original woman from 6 or 7 years ago…because I liked most of her…

IMG_5471 small

Then I was going to revise the uterus and the eyeball thing (viewpoint?)…and maybe move the arm on the right, because there was now more space…so I put the newer drawing up there so I could see it.

IMG_5473 small

And I redrew the uterus (much better). That’s kinda where I left it last night when I went band-watching.

IMG_5474 small

At the venue, I drew with one of the fam…she drew me…I’m the one at the top of the page (wearing my Rebel shirt)…she had her Sharpie going.

IMG_5475 small

Eventually I started drawing too…

IMG_5479 small

And finished that one…pretty good…

IMG_5493 small

And I started another one…I was too tired to get up and dance. I was perfectly happy just sitting and drawing.

IMG_5492 small

It forces me to do that. Being somewhere that I can’t work on cleaning house or yardwork.

So then this morning? No this was last night, I worked on finishing up the tree with the leaves. I might still revise the viewpoint thing.

IMG_5490 small

The next solution to this drawing was to move the second figure further down a hill. So I turned the drawing underneath until I got the second figure at the angle I wanted, and I started drawing her…well, tracing anyway. Mostly.

IMG_5491 small

I liked her…I just needed her to move. So this is as far as I got…

IMG_5494 small

She still needs leaves and there’s this lamp in the middle of nowhere and then the hill and whatever is going on next. That’s a little bit more complicated.

Meanwhile, boychild’s car broke down in California somewhere…not close enough to go get him, but he may be hanging out in Mammoth for a few days. There are worse places to end up. Hopefully he didn’t totally kill the car. Sigh. It’s been one car problem after another in the last month.

So I’ve got a plethora of things to work on today…hopefully I will be able to continue tomorrow (knock on wood that jury duty doesn’t start tomorrow). I know I’m going to forget to check the website or call at some point. I need to calendar it. Just know that art is finally totally on my mind…so I don’t really feel like doing anything else.

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