I’m Near the End and I Just Ain’t Got the Time*

Well. Daylight Savings Time flip flop sucks. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep last night but I’m up NOW. All the fun of trying to fall asleep early with all the excitement of the alarm going off in the dark! It’s like winter all over again! Sigh. It is kind of a miracle that I’m awake at all, but since I didn’t ever go to sleep, I guess there’s nothing to wake up from. Old lady teacher brain strikes again? Who knows. The 2-hour staff meeting after school is going to be fun. If I stay awake, it will be a miracle.

By the way, I graded nothing this weekend…nothing at all. I was supposed to try, but instead, I tried to finish the quilt…which in the long run, was probably a better way to spend the weekend. Actually, there was an hour and a half in a sailboat (that wasn’t sailing) on the water with wine, cheese, grapes, and friends and family…

IMG_1969 small

And these guys. Same thing we did back in August, but I think the weather was actually better this time?

IMG_1970 small

Beautiful sunny day, relatively relaxing.

Then came home and finished all the quilting around the edges. The thread broke about 300 times. Somehow I managed to stay calm and not get frustrated and just tie another knot and start over.

IMG_1978 small

The tension is off…she’s going in to the repair guy the end of this month. Good timing.

Here’s what I bought yesterday…only two were possible bindings, the top and bottom…which I used on the last quilt as well.

IMG_1980 small

It was still the best choice for this one…

Cleaned the floor again (lots of leaves from the storm over the weekend), laid it out, and trimmed it.

IMG_1982 small

It was perfectly square the first time…that never happens.

Put the binding and sleeves on.

IMG_1985 small

Sat on the couch to pin everything down. Petted the puppy.

IMG_1986 small

Pinned! Then started the handstitching. Did not finish.

IMG_1989 small

That’s going to take a while. Not forever though. She should be done this week, so I need to try and get it to the photographer next week, if I can. I might need to put it off until Spring Break. This week is a bitch…not sure next week is any better. I’m scared to look at it. If I can get the daily tasks done, I’ll be doing pretty well…from what I remember, by the end of the week, the tiredness slaps you in the face and you’re all of a sudden used to the time change. Fun stuff.

*Alison Krauss, Can’t Find My Way Home

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