I’ll Be Here Patiently Waiting*

Well. Nothing is going quickly this summer…except the summer itself. I spent a good 8 hours yesterday quilting community quilts. The plus is that I finished the quilting. Now I’m putting bindings and sleeves on, and even though I’m doing it the quick and easy way, it’s still a lot of mileage. The first clue was when I had to cut 43 strips to make the binding. And then another 18 or so for the sleeves. I haven’t even finished one complete quilt, although I’m close. I guess my dream of having it all done by Saturday is a no go. I am going to have the copyediting done though…if it kills me.

Quilting yesterday included sewing through plant material…

IMG_5673 small

My own quilt block…

IMG_5674 small

Glitter everywhere…plus that’s the closest Trump has been to my sewing machine…

IMG_5675 small

Sleeping Kitten (shocker)…all those threads are locked down into their spools, for those who remember the thread surgery from last year.

IMG_5676 small

Here are 5 of the quilts piled up on the light table so I could trim them down. No fancy rulers for these.

IMG_5677 small

Did I mention glass shards and metallic threads pulling loose? Ay chihuahua. Never again.

IMG_5678 small

At 10 PM or so, I gave up. I did more chain stitch, this time in blue, on the right side.

IMG_5680 small

Puppy took some time to sit with me. He hears the TV go on and he runs for me and the couch. It’s sweet, but then I feel bad when I get up.

IMG_5681 small

And get up I did. I folded the quilts over (don’t want that black cat to puke on them) and I finished the last leg.

IMG_5684 small

This thing has a lot of climate change in it.

IMG_5686 small

It also has a lot of tiny pieces in it, even though I tried (not really very hard to be honest) not to draw those. (and I just realized I had drawn bones in the lower leg that didn’t continue up to the mountain, so I’m going to go do that now and probably put them above the city skyline too…because I’m fucking nuts like that…that’s why. Now you know why I had to stare at it for a while. Damn. Plus the bones in the upper leg. Now I need them too.)

IMG_5687 small

I should say that I THINK it’s done. It doesn’t have to be done until next week, I think, although I could number it if I thought it were really done. I’m a little scared to number it. No Fear! It is what it is…

*Jason Mraz, I Won’t Go Back

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