Keep On Keeping On

The dogs are so excited when I come home from school and change directly into hiking gear. Of course, I haven’t quite gotten across to them the difference between hiking gear and gym gear, so sometimes they’re unnecessarily excited. And the little one tries to eat my shoes while I’m putting them on, so he really doesn’t get the idea of how he’s NOT helping me get ready. So we went to the same place as last time, which is kind of amusing because it’s a river valley and we had 3 inches of rain about 2 days ago. Yeah. So there was water. And mud. Followed by baths.

Same start as before…at least this was above water…


Unlike this barely floating bridge…which Calli decided to forgo…let’s just wade through the stream, mom. I carried the puppy across…there’s a gap at the other end. It’s jumpable, but not if you’re a tiny beast.


At some point, I realized it was going to be a muddy trip, so I went with it…this is runoff from the hillsides…the river is to the right…


It was overflowing in places…


And more was coming down off the hillsides, making more rivers…


All in all, a muddy trip. Frogs though! That was nice.


But wet. And muddy. I mentioned that, right?


The wildflowers are starting to appear…


And certainly, after baths, they were tired.


I did more leaves…


And I graded stuff…then made it in to iron…fleshy bits first.


Crawling around on the floor to pick a range of fabrics…


Got a bunch ironed down though…tiny little beasts.


It’s going quickly though…


That’s a plus. Well gotta get outta here early again for another meeting. Ugh. Yesterday was good until the last period of the day. It’s interesting how you carry that. I’m working on relieving stress. More art, more exercise, less of the bad stuff, less teeth grinding. Mantra for today (which already has an early meeting, a fire drill, and antsy kids). Yup. Keep on keeping on. (I don’t even have time for music this morning.)

One thought on “Keep On Keeping On

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