Keep Coming up with Love but It’s So Slashed and Torn*

I love mornings when technology has it out for you. The printer refusing to print, for instance. It’s on. The computer sees it. The computer maybe is the issue, because it tells me the printer is not installed. Except it is. Yup. There’s something confuzzled in its tiny brain. I understand how it feels. Except it’s kinda being confrontational. Attitudinal. Dude. I’m just gonna pull your plug. It won’t end well for you.

I’m reaching the end of this project and I’m in this weird place where I’m not sure if it’s done or if I should just keep going. I think it’s done, but then I wake up and my brain tells me I’m not, that it needs more here or there or everywhere. I even photographed all the bits last night and THEN…I fucking added more. So whatever. I’m going to come home tonight and go to the gym and then stare at it and decide its fate.


Yeah. I added more to the top after this photo…


Still debating this whole side, but honestly, I think that’s where the books are going. And it’s inside. Who’s going to be looking in there?


I added one thing to the bottom part. I guess I drew more on the legs too.


I’m not sure I added anything but legs here…


Or maybe they were already done. At least these sides were.

The inside again, from the back.


Maybe the bottom needs more. Or does it?

There’s more on this side now too. Seriously. I photographed. I sat down. I picked up the pen. And I kept going.


Yeah. My breakfast is at the end of a rainbow. Isn’t yours?

And then I colored.


It’s OK. There’s no way in hell I’m coloring more than the few things I colored. I don’t really want a lot of color.

I have to keep reminding myself of the point of the piece. I don’t know. I do get these pieces, usually the non-fabric ones, where I’m not sure where the end is. Maybe the end is just when I say it is.

*Queen, Under Pressure

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