Let It Run All Over Me*

So quilting finally occurred. I finally got enough schoolwork out of the way that I felt OK with spending time with art. I made a label for a sold quilt first and packed it up for shipping, but then I settled down with the tiny owl, Owl 3.0, so named because there are two small owls that came before her. Or him. Because really I don’t know how to sex an owl. It would probably help if I knew what kind of owl I’d made…something to do with feather colors. Oh well.

So I started with outlining…I ended up using the purplish-brown color.


I always forget how fast the small ones go…


The back of the quilt…


And then I started quilting the wind…the fun part…


On most of my big quilts, there’s so much detail that I don’t spend a lot of time on the background…but the bird quilts seem to lend themselves to windy backgrounds…


Then I picked a binding and cut fabric for a sleeve. Now, in the morning, I’m debating a bottom sleeve as well for weight…we’ll see.


I realized I’m seeing the future owner of this quilt on Thursday and I might actually be able to finish it by then. So why not? Then I can start the bed quilt (which is notionally for a bed, but for an art show, so not really a bed quilt per se. Probably I should call it Bed quilt for less confusion.). And I have a drawing I need to do for a friend. If I keep the art side busy, it helps reduce the stress on the work side. The work side is pretty overwhelming at the moment, so it would help.

I’m hoping to start my own coloring book after that…once I have this one for my art group figured out. The hardest part of that one was all the art from other people. Fussing over my own art seems easier. I won’t need to label them all with names and websites that have to be correct. But it all takes time. I managed to get the driveway swept this weekend…filled two huge trashcans…but you know it’ll be covered again in a week. Then there’s all the other yardwork to do. I can’t get caught up with anything at the moment. Trying not to think about that…one day at a time…damn, I still need to finish progress report grades…before tomorrow. Sigh.

*Van Morrison, And It Stoned Me

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