There Is Freedom Within…*

Yeah, a late post from me. But the dog was barking from 4:30 AM on, so I was barely alive this morning, and I chose to spend about 5 hours of nonawake time trying to finish up the feminist coloring book I’m putting together for one of my art groups. It’s ALMOST there. Holy fuck, it has taken a ton of fussy little changes, probably things only I would notice, and there’s still one issue, maybe two, I can’t get to go away (I hate you, Word)…and I apparently need to color the cover…or part of it…but it’s almost done! Yay!

I didn’t iron last night. And I’m coming down with a cold or something, so I feel like warmed-up crap at the moment, but at least now I know why I was having those really violently scary hot and cold flashes Thursday…I thought menopause or the diabetes were going haywire, but no…it was just my body trying to beat the virus into submission that some kid gave me as a special gift. Thanks kid. I so rarely get sick…I guess that shows how stressed I’ve been.

So I ironed this afternoon. I was on a mission. I needed it done. I just wanted to see it all together…so I finished all the little tiny pieces in the clouds…


Then I ironed the upper torsos to the last figure’s head…


And I positioned the land/water pieces on either side of them…


It got a little fussy when I tried to fit the lower torso in. It’s never perfect, but you can stretch things a bit and make them fit.


I try to build in enough overlap so that there won’t be holes, but sometimes there are. I’m not perfect. So then the bottom piece went in…


And then I laid it out on the background fabric and tried to get it ironed down flat. I have to iron it twice…once to get everything placed right, and twice to spray it with water and really try to get it to stick. It doesn’t stick forever though, so I will be stitching it down. I wanted to be doing that today, but I haven’t felt well all day and I’m also really tired (thanks, puppy).


She’s taller than I am. But all ironed down.


I think she’s about 42″ wide by about 77″ tall. Remind me to check my batting stash. Actually with a long skinny one like that, odds are I have a random piece that will work. It’s the big, mostly square ones that are the biggest issue.

Hallelujah. Stitch down tomorrow and maybe sandwich. I don’t know…I have a bunch of school stuff to do as well, so I have to kind of analyze and prioritize my time. I probably should have (for work) stayed home last night, but for my sanity, sometimes I do go hang out with humans. Time is still tight on this piece. I can’t afford to waste time. But I really like it too. I’m glad. It’s nice when I like them.

So now I just have to stay well enough to be able to sit and sew. At least I’m through the standing stage…that will help. Over 17 hours, by the way, to iron it together. When did I start? Sunday? Oh yeah, but I had a holiday in there. That helps. I may be blowing off some social events this week. Maybe. Thinking. My priorities…

*Crowded House, Don’t Dream It’s Over

2 Responses to There Is Freedom Within…*

  1. Sisi Mondragon says:

    It looks very good! A LOT of work on top of everything you do. No wonder you’re getting sick. But I hope you won’t get sick. Take care 😊


  2. Julie in San Diego says:

    Is this the first quilt you’ve done in a while without tears???


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