I’m Going Down Just Like a Pill*

Oh yeah. It’s a cold. Not a cute little one, but a phlegmy scratchy-throated sweaty beast of a cold. Whatever. I rested a few times yesterday, because going to the grocery store wasted me. I really do worry sometimes about getting older and living alone. I can see how some things, some days, just would get to be too much. I had to go shopping because I didn’t have any food. Imagine being really ill and by yourself. I guess I will need to make sure I have a good support system by then. I mean, if I were REALLY sick yesterday, I wouldn’t be getting up and going to work today, and I could have forced myself to eat the leftover frozen waffles the boychild left (see, that’s a sign of how sick I am…will I eat the waffles? No. I will not. Not so sick then.). I even cooked for the week last night…lunches and a couple dinners. Chicken Tikka Pizza on pita bread. It’ll get me through all the lunches at least.


The chair I use when I sew at the machine…I bought a new one this year, because the old one (which was older than my kids) was no longer staying together when I sat on it. But Kitten really likes this one. So I have to move her a lot. I used to perch on the edge and sew, but it hurts more now that I’m old, so I just move her.


She is never particularly happy about that.

Simba was my couch companion whenever I needed to sit and rest in between cooking tasks.


After finishing a bunch of school work and errands, I managed to start stitching this down. I really wanted to be done today, but…sigh.


And this is the first quilt I’ve stitched down on this machine, so there were some adjustable moments. Like when I realized the bobbin was misbehaving.


Dude. Don’t waste thread.

I felt better after I ate. A little. And luckily, this is sitting down. So less strenuous.


I set some goals. First I just said I’d sew until 10, because I didn’t feel good. But at 10, I felt much better. And plus, wow, once you’re going, it’s hard to stop. So I kept going. And I said, I’ll just get to the bottom of the boat, but then I kept going. So I said, both sides of land, and then I kept going. So I said, just finish the boat. Then go to bed. Um. Yeah. Finished the boat. Then I said, just the lower torso under the hands.

And that’s when the machine stepped in for me…because the foot wasn’t on tightly enough (I think) and I broke a needle all over the place, but not before I got most of the lower torso done. I found all the sharp bits, and luckily, none of them hit my face this time (I do wear glasses…but maybe my glasses-free friends should consider sewing goggles), but I figured that was a sign from the goddess that I should go to sleep.


So I cleaned up, restarted the thread and got everything tied up, and then went to bed. An hour early. So I got three hours in, and honestly, I think I might be able to finish it in another three. Except I’m at school all day, which will kick my butt (stupid 2-hour staff meeting) and I’m supposed to go to a science thing tonight, but I’m too sick for that. NOT too sick to sew, honestly. The timeline is tight.

A bunch of us teachers are sick. What was funny was the one (male) teacher who emailed last night that he was running a high fever, so he had called a sub. I was thinking to myself, I’m pretty sure if I had a working thermometer, I would also be running a high temperature. But it’s probably better that I’m ignorant of that. I do have a pretty low-key day planned for school, so that helps…but I rarely take days off because either we don’t get subs, or they don’t do anything we ask them to do…so it’s easier to go in and bully through. Sad state of affairs really.

*Max Frost, Withdrawal

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