Ironing the World

It’s so delightfully peaceful this morning. There’s no hammering or machine noises. Just birds and a puppy running around and yeah someone probably needs to pull pine needles out of the pool motor, but otherwise, it’s quite wonderful. And I got to sleep in for once, because the puppy wasn’t here in the early AM…the kids took him with them to their dad’s last night, because I was going to be in Oceanside for hours.

Yesterday I was amazingly efficient and finished a few rounds through the copyediting, so I’ll finish that today and then have a few days off again. Which is good, because I finished sorting all those tiny little pieces last night…

IMG_7396 small

I pile them up in my hand by 100s…and then put them in the correct bin. It took a little over 2 hours to sort them all. Here’s all the bins, each with 100 pieces…

IMG_7397 small

Someone asked how I find the piece I need…well, this is how. Each bin is numbered and has all the pieces from that batch of 100…

Then I lay them out on my table in the studio by 10s…so this is the 50s, 60s, etc.

IMG_7398 small

It’s pretty damn organized and fairly anal. Some people are much more organic in their process, but I was organic in the drawing and the fabric choosing. At this point, I want it to get done as easily as possible. So this works. Because I want it to look like my drawing too.

Then I started ironing…this is the world at the bottom of the piece…and it’s huge. It doesn’t have a ton of pieces in it though…

IMG_7399 small

So although it’s larger than the ironing board, it only had about 50 pieces in it. It was after midnight at that point, and I was tired. Driving in traffic to Oceanside was tiring.

I never really know what the piece will look like until I start ironing. I don’t color in my drawings…I just sort of imagine it in my head and start picking. So I really like this…especially how the blues flow around the world. I didn’t plan that. It’s just fabric magic.

The talk went well…not a lot of people, but honestly, it was kind of cool to hear the artists talk, because we don’t often hear how our own people in the group work. I enjoyed that.

And I’m going to enjoy the ironing process from here on out, even though it means standing for hours, because this is the part where the image starts to appear. This is the exciting part. So I’m really looking forward to that. But first I have to finish the lesson I’m copyediting, and then go to the gym, and then I might have time in the afternoon. I’m hoping. Definitely tonight. I need to finish ironing the world so I can move on to the minutiae of the Earth Mother.

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