Cutting through the Noise

I think this is the noisiest summer ever. Or maybe I don’t usually notice it. We have relatively new neighbors above us, and they’re doing work on the yard (the jackhammering), and then at the bottom of our road, they’re building a new behemoth on a small piece of property that’s been empty there for years. When I was still married, we joked about annexing it for my art studio. I could just wander down there and work. Yeah well, I’m actually much better off having it all in the house, now that the kids are grown and I usually live here by myself (well…as By Myself as I can get with all these furry beasts). So hammering and banging and sawing and big trucks backing up have all been part of my summer as well. I guess I can’t expect them all to be on my sleep schedule. But then puppy has been a barker the last few nights, keeping all three of us up. We’re not sure what the issue is (marauding mountain lions, ninja hordes about to break into the house, or a possum on the roof), but it’s certainly almost impossible to sleep through. And no, that damn mockingbird has not left the area. He’s still there and he has friends. So I sleep with a pillow on my head, what little I sleep.

But sleep is why I didn’t get as far as I wanted to last night. I’m still really having issues getting artwork done during the day too, so that’s not helping. I blew off copyediting yesterday (I don’t have a deadline for the chapter I have, and it’s short…don’t panic. I’m working on it today), but mostly ran errands and cleaned under the boychild’s direction. He likes things to be put away and not cluttered, so his sister and I drive him nuts. Oh well. The entryway is now spotless. Well, except for the three piles that need to go to specific people, plus two new bags for the thrift store. That was not on my list, but I went along with it.

I did eventually get around to cutting things out, with pure determination to finish yesterday. And I did! I know, it’s a miracle. There’s all of it…24 hours worth of trimming pieces.

IMG_7346 small

And the last bit of trimming trash. That little bit that was left the night before? It took two hours to cut out.

IMG_7347 small

I do bag up all the trash until the quilt is done, because I often lose small pieces, and it’s easier to cut new ones from this stash than to pull from the bins. Although I don’t put anything away until the quilt is completely ironed down for that reason. Just in case.

IMG_7348 small

It was still early (well it was 11 PM anyway), so I found 19 bins…no, 20 bins…and laid them out for sorting…and I started.

IMG_7349 small

I gave up around 12:30 though, because I was tired…and this was how much was left to be sorted. It may not look like much, but those tiny pieces take forever.

IMG_7353 small

So I’ll do that later today or tonight. I had to stack up all the bins, though, because Midnight likes to sleep in them. As you can see…

IMG_7350 small

She was already lurking around them this morning, ready to deposit black fur everywhere and stick little pieces of fabric to her butt. Foiled her!

Kitten got her stitches out (happily!) yesterday. It was quick and apparently painless, and she has been joyously cleaning herself since them.

IMG_7345 small

Seriously. Like nonstop.

OK, I need to do some copyediting, and I will be at the Oceanside Museum of Art tonight, assuming I can handle the traffic. And then I can finish sorting after that and see if I have the energy for ironing. But progress! Based on the last big one, I’ll be ironing down for 27 hours or so. Seems about right. Especially with all those tiny pieces.

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