The Plan…

So the sewing machine is having issues…it’ll go in for service in two weeks (they’re booked that far out). It froze up on me twice the other afternoon. I had decided to take a break from Earth Mother 2016 and do a quick quilt job on the other smaller piece I’ve had hanging around for a million years…

IMG_7176 small

Mostly so I could take three small pieces to the photographer at once, instead of one at a time (more expensive). I got through most of the outlining before it froze. I cleaned out the bobbin area, because that’s usually an issue, and started up again, but 15 minutes later, it did it again. This time, I pulled the whole bobbin case out and found a wealth of tied-up fluff crap.

IMG_7177 small

It was wrapped around the case…and I pulled all this out…

IMG_7179 small

Cool. Then tried sewing again yesterday, got about 15 minutes in, and it froze again. Shit. Anyway. Already have a cleaning appointment. Guess I’m not sewing until then, unless I pull out the old trusty maroon Viking. Which I could do, if I were desperate. It’s scary when you call your repair guy and he asks about your old machine (because he took it apart and put it back together again enough times).

We had dinner last night at the parentals…three dogs in one picture.

IMG_7188 small

And then I tried to get stuff done…been clearing up the table in the studio (currently it’s in piles on the floor instead)…and then came out and forced myself to watch cooking shows with the girlchild (some of them really annoy me, but she didn’t want to be alone) while cutting stuff out…Midnight was so helpful.

IMG_7190 small

Puppy eventually settled down and stopped trying to attack me as I was cutting…

IMG_7192 small

And I cut for two hours…only 4 hours and 40 minutes in total. Box on the left is cut out…doesn’t look like much. But neither does the box on the right. Hard to believe there’s possibly another 16 hours of cutting hiding in there.

IMG_7193 small

Here’s all the bits and pieces. I do save them.

IMG_7194 small

Not forever…just until I have the quilt ironed down, because I might need just a small piece of one color. Usually, it’s the small pieces that disappear the easiest. And then I don’t have to pull out the big pieces. I do throw them out after I’m done ironing. I had a quilt artist friend who used to ask me for them, but she’s moved on. And none of them are really big enough for anything useful.

And here’s a blogpost I did for the California Fibers’ show Eclectic Threads (which I’ve been calling Eclectic Fibers for months)…it’s at the Oceanside Museum of Art through October 9. I have photos from two of the other exhibits in there, which are pretty cool. I’ll try to remember to post them this week.

I’m gonna have to start copyediting again soon. Two more chapters are sitting here and I don’t want to look at them next weekend either. So maybe I’ll do some today. We have a dog walk on the list and burgers of course and then fireworks with the hordes. But not a lot else. Isn’t Independence Day about lying around and doing nothing but eat and watch stuff?

As far as planning quilt stuff out, I know I have no working sewing machine until the 20th at the earliest, but there’s got to be another 16 hours of cutting (although it doesn’t look that way), and then another 20 hours plus of ironing. So potentially I would be ready to stitch down earlier than that date…so I need to think about the next steps for whatever’s next on the list. Drawing then. Maybe that’s something I try to do today. In between cleaning and cooking and all the other crap. And working! So I can have a full-size drawing for the next big piece ready to go. I can also pick fabrics for the little owl. I’ve put that off because I want to see what this one that I’ve already picked looks like once I’ve ironed it. Then it’s easier for me to adjust. There are plenty of things I can work on…seriously. And there’s no real deadline for this piece…just a plan. I always have a plan. It’s not always a good one. Or sane. But it’s a plan.

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