So I don’t know what my problem was on this quilt. Picking fabrics usually takes me about an hour per 100 fabrics, sometimes a few hours more than that. So this one has 1952 pieces, so I’d put it at 20-22 hours. Nope. Almost 33 hours. Sheesh. Either I was spacey and couldn’t decide on stuff, or there was just a lot of stuff, or stuff. There are 164 fabrics in this quilt. Yeah, I said 169 on Instagram, but I was wrong. I couldn’t even read my own writing. So that’s a lot. So maybe the two of those go together. Lots of fabrics = Lots of hours.

I’m glad to be done with the standing portion, for sure. I always forget how tiring standing for hours is…like during the summer, when I don’t do it, and then I go back to school, and my body reminds me. Painfully.

Now I have about 20 hours of cutting out to do. Although, I was wrong about the fabric-picking part. The time for it. So maybe I’ll be wrong again. I only have about 2 1/2 hours in.

This is yesterday, when I made a concerted effort to finish off the ironing part by blowing off work (it’s OK…it’s not due for a while. I don’t actually know WHEN it’s due, but I know it’s not next week. OK. Wait. I don’t know that. I know it’s not Wednesday. That’s ALL I know.). Kitten is rocking the cone. And often just sits on the chair and stares at me, like she knows I could take the cone off (and I do, when she needs to use the litter tray, because otherwise it’s ugly, like a blind little old lady trying to find the toilet.). So I must hate her if I make her wear it the rest of the time. Except I left her in the litter tray area and went off to deal with a doggie thing, and I came back and she was trying to lick the stitches out. So THAT bitch is why you have to keep it on. Because you won’t follow instructions.

Ironing the sun below…

IMG_7165 small

At the end of the day, you can see the mess I’ve been piling up. LOTS of fabrics.

IMG_7166 small

And that thing I always do, where I semi-organize them (I gave up on the greens) and pack them up in boxes, partially so I can see the range for that quilt, but also in case I lose a piece and need to find that fabric, because otherwise it might take me hours to find it in my stash. There’s 164. I counted.

IMG_7167 small

Puppy finally got ran around enough to stop biting and trying to sit on my lap, and settled down for his nighttime nap. Right next to me.

IMG_7171 small

Midnight occupied the other side of the couch. With a pile of stuff. And my bra. Nice. So the left tub is what I cut out last night, mostly big pieces from the bottom of the quilt. I flipped all the pieces into a larger bin, the one on the right, because it was getting too crowded in the smaller bin. So I still have to cut out everything on the right.

IMG_7172 small

I keep a lid in my lap for all the trash.

IMG_7173 small

That’s one evening’s worth. Well, not even the whole evening, because I didn’t start until late. And now there’s competition on the couch and for TV again. Ugh. Because I don’t want to watch the Gilmore Girls. Again. I didn’t really like it the first time around. I could watch and cut in here…not as comfortable, and for some reason, my Netflix in here cuts off the whole world from the wifi on this side of the house. I might not care. I do pay all the bills. I could just start watching.

Boychild also just made a very good-smelling breakfast. My body responds with hunger. Bastard.

I should make a plan or seventeen for today, but I just don’t have the brainpower. Ugh. I’m so much more efficient when I’m working full time.

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