Managing the Heat…

So it’s not just warm. It’s hot. I’m managing with lots of ice water and fans on my body. I’d walk around naked, but the kids are here. Plus clothing sops up some of the sweat. (Ways to keep your neighbors away…and UPS…and the Jehovah’s)

I worked a good chunk of yesterday, copyediting, but also got close to done on the Wonder Under, which is good. I’m hoping to finish cutting today and then sort them, so maybe I can start ironing tomorrow, because it makes sense to wield a burning-hot device when the sun itself is trying to set me on fire. No really, it’s supposed to be like 8 degrees cooler tomorrow, so that’s almost bearable. Those 8 degrees are key. Girlchild has run off to the beach, and boychild is hunkered down under his fan in his room. We won’t be hiking or running or even venturing outside if we can help it. Well. I want to go to the gym. But it’s air-conditioned. Mostly because I want to read my book and I can’t do that right now without doing something else at the same time. I gots too much to do. (sigh. vacation.)

The box is almost full…

IMG_6920 small

I am halfway through the second-to-last yard, and the last yard is not filled up…and it’s mostly big pieces.

IMG_6921 small

I’ve done almost 11 hours of cutting so far…

Last night, girlchild made an awesome Father’s Day dinner for her grandpa and her dad. Taco bar!

IMG_6916 small.jpg

Perfectly followed by cookie ice-cream sandwiches. Mine were storebought (because I don’t eat chocolate)…they had handmade chocolate chip cookies.

IMG_6919 small

There were lots of dog moments, as always…

IMG_6918 small

That dog isn’t spoiled at all.

We talked about the front yard and how to prepare it for possible planting in the fall or winter. I drew this before I went to bed, but I don’t like it…

IMG_6922 small

So I’ll try again. But we are thinking about what to do next out there. Free labor…

The cats finally came back out of their hideyholes, now that Katie has gone back to her parents…

IMG_6924 small

Plus where there were people, there were fans. So that was a good thing for the furry beasts.

I have two more chapters to finish up today, plus gym time…and a few errands, but hopefully finishing up Wonder Under as well. It’s hot, so I can’t be expected to do much. I could go sit in my classroom (it’s air-conditioned…during the summer? I don’t know. I hope not.). But probably I’ll stay here in the oven that is my house. Drinking ice water. And hot tea. Just to confuse my brain. At least I don’t have a fur coat…managing the heat sucks.

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