Not Vacationing…

Here’s one of those life mysteries: Cat starts to puke, you recognize that hurk hurk movement, you move her off the carpet and onto the tile, a nice big open spot, and then right before she hurls, she scuttles over and throws up ON something that just happened to be on the floor. What is that about?

So yeah, I know you’re thinking, “Oh good, she’s on summer vacation, she can draw and relax and we’ll see some great art coming out of her,” but I got the copyediting job, so I’m working. Like monster hours. My brain is not happy with me. My art brain even less so. I explain the whole dilemma of money in, money out, how much college is gonna cost. Nope. They don’t care.

I don’t blame them really. It’s been a rough year and I’m not giving them a break yet. I can’t. I’m not going to make it through the year if I don’t do more paying work. It’s frustrating, but it’s reality. Then ironically, because I was able to make more this year, they’ll assume I can make it again next year. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m glad to have the extra work. Really. Yesterday, I checked out of my classroom, watched the girl get her hair done while cutting out Wonder Under, and then worked for a good chunk of the afternoon. I gave myself a break at night, because I was pretty tired and didn’t think copyediting was a good plan, so now this morning, I’m panicked about how much I need to get done today and tomorrow. Not just copyediting either…I still have errands to run. Think I’m going to get those kids up and out for that.

So my room…was easy to straighten up, for some reason. I guess I get better every year?

IMG_6889 small

Everything had to be put away and locked up, or consolidated on counters. There’s some argument in the district that the walls should be empty. I’m gonna kick someone’s butt if they come after me on that. My walls are like that because I can’t stand plain walls…in my house, at school, at other people’s houses. Put stuff up! Give me something to look at. Especially if I’m staring at a computer screen for hours…I need somewhere more interesting on which to rest my poor eyes.

Girlchild had her hair done…looks like an alien here…

IMG_6891 small

And I got about 4 hours of cutting done between the hair appointment and my brain deadness in the evening. The box is getting full. I think I have three plus yards cut out at this point?

IMG_6895 small

So more than halfway through…9 hours and a bit. So yeah. I can do more tomorrow at Father’s Day dinner…because I can’t copyedit then. Maybe tonight. We’ll see. I still want to be getting this done, but I have a significant deadline on the copyediting. I’d rather be ahead on that and then take a break before the next batch of chapters comes in.

I’ve had 17 people ask me if I’m going anywhere this summer. I have no plans. I’d love to have plans. I don’t know how people afford these things honestly (laughing there). I’ll make an effort to go away for a few days I think, but not quite yet.

This is the view for the next few days. Music on…calendar to stare at…actually, the calendar to the left is much nicer for staring…it’s a Sue Spargo one. Lots of beautiful embroidery detail.

IMG_6896 small

Like I said, get through the work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get some free time. Focused. Not vacationing. Yet.

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