Art Routine

I seem to have the routine down this week. Work for hours on end, eventually come home, maybe even eat dinner (last night it was 10 PM…my fault…the chicken needed an hour), and then make art for two hours or so, talking to no one, but texting 2 or 3 people at the same time. There’s a dog on the floor behind me, sometimes a cat on a chair and a cat in a plastic shoe box (you know, like they do), but there’s not a lot of difference in the days otherwise. Sometimes what I do right after work is different: book club, counseling, gym, errands, library. Sheesh. I did three of those yesterday after work. Explains the late dinner and the late stitching start.

But that routine is what helps me get work done. Lots of work apparently. It never feels like a lot to me, but I guess it is. In the last week, I’ve worked on art for over 16 hours. Granted, there was a three-day weekend in there, so that helped. So when I tell people it’s my second job, I’m not kidding. On breaks, that goes to more like 40 hours a week or more. The routine gets it done though.

So after I iron all those pieces down, I have to stitch them down so they’ll stay. I know people who don’t, who either use all hand-dyed fabrics, which stick much better, or they stitch it all down in the quilting. I like my images to pop out from the background though, so I don’t want to quilt them down. I use the quilting stitch more as an outline, even a drawing line sometimes. So this stage, before I sandwich it, is to stitch every single piece down with a small zigzag using a clear thread. At the moment, I’m using Sulky 100% poly invisible thread. I use clear. I used to get a smoke version too, but like the clear better. It can withstand ironing heat, which is a good thing. There’s another one I use as well, Superior’s Mono Poly, same deal, but harder for me to find.

I’m just under 4 hours into the stitch down. I have one whole side of arms to do…well, I think I did 1 1/2 of them last night. I finished the entire torso except the very top inch or so, and I need to do all the heads. So actually not much is left.

DSCN0082 small

I wanted to be done last night, but I went to the gym instead. Although this process is very meditative to DO, it’s not very exciting in the photographs. It’s more exciting to know that I can pinbaste it tomorrow. Assuming I have enough batting. Hmmn. I should check that before I leave for school. The place I get batting is closer to school than home. Plus I have to wash the batting, so I could do that tonight. See? I often think ahead. Plus I’m pretty sure I have nothing that is the right color to quilt this. It has a definite green tint to it, instead of the dark indigo and navy I usually go for. So thread and batting are now on my list. No problem.

As far as quilting it…it will probably take…um…the last big one was 20 hours. Yikes. That’s a lot. This is the part that’s gonna kick my butt. So I have a 3-day weekend, but already have like four things happening, plus I really do need to grade stuff. Always. Forever. Aacckkk. This is what drives me crazy. I need a social life, but I don’t have time for it. Anyway. So that’s where I stand. Hopefully I can get a good chunk of that done this weekend. A girl can dream.

Both kids were texting me yesterday about winter and cold. Funny since it’s been almost 90 here the last two days. Boychild is having a high of 1 degree on Saturday. I’m so glad I can’t even imagine how cold 1 is. Girlchild was outside on and off for two hours working some event…they were smart enough to only leave people out for 15 minutes, before letting them come inside and warm up. I don’t think she got frostbite.

I miss the little buggers, but at least they text me about stuff that makes me laugh. And when they need help. This week has been housing and Shakespeare. And direct deposit. I was useless on the last one. Hard to help with online stuff from so far away. And the girlchild has a blog. Let me know if you find it. She won’t tell me the name.

OK, work. The one where I manage headstrong psychotic kittens with bad breath and untrimmed claws. Yeah.

One thought on “Art Routine

  1. A high of 1!! How does their thin California blood handle it? Add to college costs: winter wardrobe.

    I keep wondering how the students are doing with this weather. I have a stitching friend who teaches science for SD high school; I’ll have to ask when I see her this weekend.

    I used up a spool of “smoke” thread as supposedly less light-reflecting than clear, but any attempted replacement has been very visibly dark. It just occurred to me that the first, lighter, spool may have been nylon. I have switched to poly and may never find gray “invisible” thread again.

    To the point of your blog: I am loving this quilt!

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