Drawing Should Fit in Somewhere

I should plan better. I should not stay up late the night before I’m doing a lab in class where I have to keep them from sucking chemicals into their mouths. And then go to a long union meeting. And then home for about 40 minutes, where I try to persuade a semi-depressed Golden Retriever to eat. She eats Just Fine at my ex’s house. It’s only here (same food) that she refuses to eat and stares up at me with those doleful eyes, making me feel like a heel for leaving again. To go to book club, where I’m only 23% into the book and I’ll probably finish it, but only because everyone is saying how wonderful it is and I totally should just bully through the first third to get to the good stuff. Um. OK. Another 10.3% is what you’re saying? Of an 800-page book. Whatever.

So tired was I last night that I sat on the couch, and then laid down on the couch, and then took a short nap. Not a long nap, because cat and Golden Retriever, but maybe 10 minutes at about 9 PM, which is earlier than I ever leave book club. I wasn’t in the mood. Usually I come out of there really up and excited and invigorated to be with my people, even though they’re all significantly younger than I am. They’re still geek girls. Just not in the mood.

That said, after the nap, I came in here and stared at the quilt top, which is looking pretty fine, and remembered I was missing a fingernail and a finger wrinkle…I thought. I made a new fingernail and then tried to find the missing finger wrinkle, but apparently I had already fixed that little problem. So I started to stitch it down…

DSCN0080 small

Stitching it down is a very meditative process, because basically my brain is saying, “Stitch there, now don’t forget that piece, go back and stitch it down, and then to get to the next section, go that way, and then stitch there,” so there’s really no room for other crap, except when I was really depressed and the other crap was screaming at the top of its lungs. Now it’s more low level, so I just ignore it and let my brain move my hands move the fabric move the foot until I look up at the clock and go, oh shit, I can’t stay up super late again because I was tired. Wasn’t I tired? Well, I’m still tired, but not like I was on the couch.

I stitched all the legs and the rug and the beautiful twat (thanks Sion) and the lower torso. I somehow lost the bellybutton or maybe there never was one? That doesn’t make sense. There’s always a bellybutton. So it’s here on the floor somewhere, who knows where. I cut a new one. Maybe it’s not as fancy as the other one (one piece instead of two…yes, my bellybuttons are usually two pieces), but it will do. And then I headed down one of the arms and found I was missing another fingernail, but I think that’s another case of something falling off, unfortunately, which occasionally happens. I didn’t do the best damn job of ironing everything down at 1 AM on Tuesday night. Shockingly.

Two hours in…at least another two…maybe three…to go. Tonight hopefully. Still trying to stay on track.

I finished the baby quilt. At some point will get a picture of it. There was a joke going around that the baby couldn’t come until I was done, so Tuesday night, I texted the mom to say I had finished. An hour later, she texted that her water broke. Baby was born Wednesday morning. This is a superpower I don’t need, so don’t tell anyone.

All I really wanted to do last night was draw, though. I felt it on the way to work. While I was at lunch. During the lab, when I was very busy, I could hear art brain complaining. During the union meeting. On the way to book club. It had subsided by the time I got home, or I think I would have drawn instead of sewn. Sewing was easier. Fewer brain cells needed to be employed. But drawing should fit in somewhere. Sometime. Will have to think that through.

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