I Got No Title…

Hope you all survived Christmas, if you celebrate it. There’s always too much food and everyone needs a nap. I did manage to finally finish cutting out all the pieces for the next Bathtub quilt…it took 10 hours to cut them all out…seems like too long. But it takes however long it takes. I sorted them yesterday afternoon…

DSCN2762 small

Meanwhile, the girlchild is texting me about a missing muffin pan (pan, not man). So I had hoped to make it in the studio and start laying stuff out for ironing, but I had to deliver a table and chairs and said pan and a bunch of other stuff. So I took over my bird embroidery and sat and did that while the girlchild cooked. I’m so far behind on this one. Oh well. I’m not super-motivated at the moment. Oh well. Still brain dead from school ending.

We made a ton of cookies (this plate was fuller by the end of the day)…

DSCN2755 small

Kitchen in the middle of baking chaos…there is not enough room in there.

DSCN2756 small

Dad with Calli…always a ball in her mouth…

DSCN2759 small

Told ya…

DSCN2760 small

Calli helping to open her present…

DSCN2761 small

And sleeping later on…with her mom and her grandpa…

DSCN2765 small

We cooked up the rest of the cinnamon buns…so the dough wouldn’t go bad. But I think I’m freezing these.

DSCN2771 small

I finally got the Seattle presents wrapped and in a box to ship today…

DSCN2772 small

I did get fabric for Christmas…I like when people pick out fabrics they like for me, because it helps my stash if other people contribute. I buy the same types of stuff, really. So this is a plus…

DSCN2773 small

The studio is almost ready to iron this bathtub together. I need to move the fabrics out of the way and clear part of the floor…

DSCN2774 small

But I’m remarkably brain dead this morning. Last night, I just sat on the couch with a cat, a dog, and a kid and vegged out. I’m hoping my brain lets me get something done soon. Work looms in the back of my head. Need to look at what pieces will be in the Grossmont show…will have to prep all those quilts for hanging as well. I’ve booked the week after Jan 1 for that.

So I can set a goal…let’s look at how long it would take to iron this thing together…maybe 10 hours? Another 5 to stitch it down? A couple of hours to pinbaste it? About 12 hours to quilt it? Another 5 to bind it? So if I’m good and I start ironing today, maybe just a few hours…and then another 5 or so tomorrow? Then finish ironing Monday. Girlchild has a soccer game Monday night, so I will be freezing to death on metal bleachers for that. But maybe I can start stitching down Monday night…finish it Tuesday. Then maybe sandwich and pinbaste Tuesday? Start quilting (need thread…pretty sure I need thread. Might need batting as well). Quilt Wednesday and Thursday. New Year’s Eve…got plans. Won’t be quilting that night. But if I can finish Thursday during the day? Then trim and start binding on the 1st? Boychild’s birthday is the 2nd, but I don’t know what he wants to do…plus I want to hike again next week. So that’s not on the calendar yet. But let’s say I can get this thing done by next Sunday? I can do that. And then call the photographer…and get the drawing done for the next one that has to be done super quickly. And I can start it the following week, even though I’m prepping quilts for installation.

No grading this next week? I might try to do say one class one assignment per day. Just to make the following week less hellacious. We’ll see.

OK. First part of all this is get off this chair, take a shower, eat some food, and go ship that box. Then come back and start the ironing. This is how I get the quilts done. I have to make a plan and then I can go faster or slower, but at least there’s a guideline there instead of just doing it when I feel like it…sometimes I just have to get up and go because I wrote about it here and I know I’ll have to answer to that tomorrow, so that’s motivation…

One Response to I Got No Title…

  1. K. Renae P. says:

    Enjoyed your Christmas pictures. Good luck with the grading. School work during the break is always the hardest.


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