If I Feel Like It…

Rain makes it all slow down, the crazy. It’s too wet to go out, to brave the crowds, the traffic. Although I am going to the gym. And the grocery store. But my Christmas shopping appears to be done…just waiting on things to be delivered (yes, Amazon, I heard your truck banging around out there at 7:22 AM…yes, many people are awake at that hour, but I am on my 4th day of vacation and have yet to experience a full night’s rest where I wake up…well…rested. The animals are needy, the kids are semi-noisy or just late and I’m a light sleeper. Seems funny to look forward to Christmas Eve for the sleep potential…no one in the house but me and the two cats…if I put tuna out, maybe they will fall into sleep comas and I will have peace until I have to be at the ex’s house for present exchange. Of course, it’s probably going to be pretty hard to exchange gifts if I don’t start wrapping some of them, eh? It’s on my list for today, along with make more cookies (or dough, as it were), finish cutting stuff out, do some ironing. Might want to finish decorating the tree even. Or call it a day. It has ornaments on it. My rule of “you can’t leave the house until you hang 10 ornaments” is not working. They just ignore me.

I was cutting stuff out for a couple of hours last night…the empty space on the couch is mine. Calli kept shifting one way and another…

DSCN2727 small

On the other side of me is a cat, sometimes two (one above, one below) and the other box of stuff to be cut out.

I’m almost done…

DSCN2728 cmall

Maybe another hour? My hand definitely is sore today. But there’s progress. The box on the right is what’s left.

I have two other things I’m working on…this tiny thing…

DSCN2726 small

And then a baby quilt that is just a pile of recently washed fabrics in my dryer. Maybe you’ll see those tomorrow. The raccoon fabric did not make it in the quilt. The color choices on that were challenging for me, but the nice lady in the quilt shop said I did well. I need a traditional quilter to look sometimes and make sure I didn’t wander too far out of the realm of normalcy.

Have I drawn yet? Nope. Still not mentally there. Drawings screaming at the enclosure of my brain, begging to be let out, to be started, finished, made into quilts. Demanding little buggers. Instead I read and clean and cook and run errands. Most schools don’t give three weeks for Winter Break, but I’ve found two weeks (like I have at Spring Break) is never enough. The first week is always recovery from the last weeks of school, and in the case of Winter Break, it’s the Christmas stuff kicking your butt as well, because you didn’t get enough done over the last three weeks. Then the week in between Christmas and New Year’s, that’s recovery as well, and the last week is when I actually get refreshed and caught up on errands and grading and house-cleaning for the next round of school.

But that week for me will be spent prepping quilts for the Grossmont exhibit coming up. It’s called Contemporary Crafts and it’s just me and James E. Watts, a very cool sculptor and painter.

Contemporary Crafts 2015 singleR2(72)

Put the opening on your calendar…come by. Should be cool. No, I haven’t decided (besides the two that are on the card) what to show yet. That’s for the week after New Year’s! I need to plan out my overwhelming stressful activities. Let’s not think about when the quilt I’m working on needs to be done either, OK? Or everything else that’s going on in January? It’s still December…for another 10 days. I can do this. No, I didn’t grade very much yesterday. Shut up.

Starting with the gym today (I can actually grade on the bike and the elliptical if I feel like it). Maybe that should be my mantra for Winter Break…If I feel like it.

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