It Will All Work Out…

Hello vacation. Why are you so stressful? Ah yes, the holiday season. Always kind of a press for time. Too much to do, entirely too much cooking, and so little time to just sit and relax…read a book even. I have been trying to do that. And the kids and I are planning a hike on Wednesday. I’m not done with Christmas shopping yet though, and I haven’t sent the cards out because I’m waiting on the girlchild, and nothing is wrapped, and the tree’s not done. I told everyone they can’t leave the house without putting 10 ornaments on the tree.

That said, although I am grading stuff, I’m not at school and dealing with kids, so that’s a break. I did some art stuff yesterday…but one is a gift, so I can’t show it, because apparently everyone in the world reads this blog. I know, I put it out there, so I can’t complain, right? But honestly, I just don’t even THINK about people reading it…I just spill it all out on the screen so it will get out of my head.

Speaking of getting it out of my head…three drawings in there at the moment, and I just need to feel like I’m enough ahead to sit down and draw. I don’t think that will happen today…but maybe I’m wrong. I did cut out more pieces last night…

DSCN2722 small

I’m actually pretty close to done, probably less than two hours. Maybe today? Maybe. I have stuff in the morning and stuff in the afternoon, and technically about three errands in between, which might just take up all that time, and I’m still not wearing pants. I think they’re in the dryer. There’s a definite pants shortage going on here, but since all I really feel like wearing is pajama pants, that would be fine if I didn’t have to venture out into the real world. Yes, I know some people wear pajama pants out into the real world, but I don’t want to be associated with those people. I’d like to think I can at least get dressed in the morning. I don’t have some major health issue that keeps me from putting pants on. That’s how I measure my sanity apparently, by whether or not I make it into pants during the day. Or a skirt, but it’s way too cold for that.

Here’s the other thing I’m working on.

DSCN2723 small

Some people might be able to figure out what it was from that pile of Wonder Under, but they should be QUIET about it. Shh. Don’t tell. Secret.

I thought I only had 6 assignments to grade over break, but I had forgotten about one…so that’s 7 dammit. And I haven’t finished a single one. I’ll get one done today. Maybe one tomorrow. I don’t want them hanging over me all of break. I’ve got enough crap hanging over me.

Kids are home. The house is noisier. There is happy in that. I really don’t like an empty house. It sucks. Really. It does. That said, girlchild still doesn’t know how to throw anything out or put stuff away, and boychild is still eating all the food I leave in the fridge. So there we are. Some things never change. Like the chaos here, like the stress of having too much on your plate, like the money worries.

Whatever. It’s the holidays. Enjoy. Read a book for a while. Make some art. Bake cookies. It will all work out somehow.

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