I’m Not That Amazing Some Days…

Oh my goodness. Klutz morning. Spilled tea all over myself, not even sure how. Dropped a bunch of crap. Not functioning well. I did not get genes for gracefulness. I own that. Fully.

Yesterday, we had Google Expeditions in the classroom. If you’ve heard of Google Cardboard, we had 30 devices in class and our team chose to take the kids on two virtual field trips to the Galapagos Islands (because then you can talk about blue-footed booby dances and not get in trouble). Seriously though, it was very cool and significantly exhausting. As devices crashed, I walked around restarting them, all the while directing the kids as to where to look on a teacher tablet. There’s little talking points, but also you can send them around with arrows looking for stuff. Kids try to walk around with them, because the view changes as you move your head, and they don’t get that they’re not actually walking in the space itself.

At the end of the day…actually, at the end of the second-to-last period of the day, I felt like I’d run a marathon (possibly I did) and needed a stiff drink. At 2:35 in the afternoon. I bullied through the rest of the day, and then ran a bunch of errands and collapsed on the couch. But only for a while. I needed cookies for today’s luncheon…plus I find it hard to just crash at night without doing something else useful. I graded for a while in the braindead zone, and then I finally got up and traced for about an hour.

An hour is all I had in me.

Nov 19 15 002 small

I did not finish the last binding. Oh well. I got to piece 491 last night…so slowing down. It’s because the water pieces are complicated to trace, figuring out how they overlap and where they go takes some attention. It’s progress. I can’t complain about progress.

I haven’t cleared out the studio any better…in fact, since I moved in new drawers and the old drawers are still shoved in here, the dog has been complaining about the lack of space to sprawl on the floor.

Nov 19 15 001 small

I’m working on it, Calli. I’m not that amazing some days.

So today I’m still completely exhausted (a vacation must be coming up), I’m apparently filling my entire suitcase to Seattle with shoes for different occasions, and I have a huge headache like a hangover, even though I drank nothing yesterday. That doesn’t seem fair. I’m testing my students today, so it should be irritating, because many are not prepared, but at least it will be quiet. Maybe. And if not, there will be consequences. Ugh.

Parent meeting this morning. No time to chat. More later.

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