You Probably Sleep More Than I Do

I’m a little braindead this morning. Apparently the Golden Retriever wanted to play at 3 AM. Or something. It’s like having a baby in the house. She’s making noise and waking me up, but I don’t know why. She didn’t want water. She didn’t want to pee (or maybe she did…it was raining. I know this because I was standing in it trying to make her go outside, but she wouldn’t. She made that mopey-eyed dog face that means you’re getting it completely wrong.). She brought me a toy.

I’m feeling a bit groggy right now. That’s an issue. I’m making kids work on the computer today…they actually have to READ stuff, like instructions and content. It’ll be a slog. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Yesterday, I had them typing answers to analysis questions. It’s so funny, standing there, total silence from the kids EXCEPT for typing keyclacks. And the few kids typing with only two fingers. Teaching has changed so much since I started.

I meant to start quilting relatively early, but got sidetracked by a pile of things that were have-to’s. Finally heard from the boychild, who is alive! A miracle. OK, I knew he’d text me when he needed something. I just didn’t know it would be the family military history. Which I have to admit to being fairly ignorant about (possibly on purpose). I was starting to worry/get irritated, though, so it was a plus.

I didn’t start quilting until 9:30 or so…again. Maybe I should just admit that quilting time doesn’t start until then? But I wanted to be doing 2.5 hours a day and I’m only doing 2. That doesn’t seem like much of a difference until you realize it might take me 10 days to finish the quilting instead of 7, and then I run into issues next week. I think I should make myself go buy the binding this weekend. Remind me, willya? I’ll get my head down and forget.

I still had one arm and the head…and I think one breast…to do on the smaller figure, so I was hoping to finish those last night. As I was quilting, I realized I did not do the best job pinning this beast. I blame the heat. I don’t really care, because it won’t be apparent to anyone but me…but it’s annoying that I couldn’t do a better job of it.

Sep 16 15 001 small

Midnight apparently hasn’t moved from the night before…wait, I think she flipped over.

Sep 16 15 003 small

Kitten is back on the chair. Must be cold. We were listening to the sounds of raindrops falling…that was nice. I think a branch fell in the night, but I haven’t gone out yet to look.

Sep 16 15 004 small

Finished her face and ALL those tiny damn windows. Love this head though.

Sep 16 15 005 small

And then moved back over to the other figure. I didn’t get far on her…just up one leg to the crotch. The other leg is about a quarter done.

Sep 16 15 006 small

Thistles and ivy. Tonight I have book club, but I’ll get my two hours in, at least…maybe more if I can find energy before the meeting. Although I should take the dog for a walk.

Someone said something yesterday about my having talent and energy, which was not a bad thing to say…I do have talent, but that counted years ago, when I was young. I spent 20+ years turning that talent into good work because I worked my butt off. It’s not magic. Using the word ‘talent’ makes it sound like magic, like I was just born with it. I didn’t stop making art all this time. It’s taken years of learning how I work and pushing myself to get here. I don’t have any more energy than you do…I just use it as wisely as I can. Teachers are always talking about balance, because we have to take work home and sometimes we take it home in our heads (OK, not sometimes), because we’re dealing with kids and their issues as well as the workload. You probably have more of a social life than I do. You probably sleep more than I do. Your house is probably cleaner. I live alone (except for the demanding beasts…oh and the kids on break). All those things contribute to my being able to find two hours a day to work on art that you don’t or can’t find. It’s not always a good thing or a healthy thing. Honestly it’s more than a bit obsessive and maybe even crazy at times. Certainly anti-social.

I have drive. I’m persistent. I don’t give up. I have an artistic voice that screams at me on a regular basis. But it does that because I learned to listen to it early on and I feed it with regular attention. Almost every single day. Anyone can do that. You just have to pay attention to it.

2 Responses to You Probably Sleep More Than I Do

  1. nissetje says:

    “But it does that because I learned to listen to it early on and I feed it with regular attention.” THIS times a gazillion!


  2. Rebecca says:

    This replies to my comment on a-couple-days-ago post. 😉


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