Enough Enough

The load’s not completely off my shoulders, and surely 5 other things have jumped in to take its place, but I did finish sewing that giant fucking woman yesterday. Rather early even, in the afternoon. I’m installing this afternoon…completely nervous about it. Not sure it will work or look good or be big enough, or enough enough, or even enough.

That’s the thing though. It has to be. At this point, it has to be.

In a situation like this, where you’ve made a piece specifically for a show and they have a space set aside for you, well, you just have to show up with what you have. There’s this worry in your gut that it’s not good enough, it’s not the right size, it’s not what they expected, even now, after doing many of these. I still worry. I still stress. But I’m also really happy it’s done. I won’t know until I hang it if I’m happy with it in general.

Yesterday, I laid it out and started ironing it as flat as I could…

Sep 7 15 001 small

I had to pin the hole on the side to get stitched up. The fingers…those damn fingers. They pressed out OK…

Sep 7 15 002 small

And then I clipped and turned the belly hole. That was easy enough. I didn’t hand stitch it closed…I just used the machine.

Sep 7 15 003 small

Then I stitched around the entire edge. Took a while. It’s 17 feet long and I had to go up it and down it and then up and down each arm and up each side of the legs as well. It was not a short and sweet affair…

Sep 7 15 004 small

But then there she was, all folded up, ready to go. Well, except for that place in the hand where I had to add a backing piece. I did hand sew that closed.

Sep 7 15 005 small

Really, I should tape her down to get rid of hair and threads before I go over there. I have a ladder in my car. I have to get some fishing line, strong stuff. I’ll need some tools. I had to make a sign. So I had to pick a name. I’ll tell you later, when I have photos of it hanging, hopefully tomorrow. Unless a disaster happens. It’s possible.

She took almost 33 hours to make. About a third of one of my big quilts. A little less time than the one I just finished, which is pretty small. I have three nasty burns on my left arm from the iron. My fault. No holes in my fingers. I still have spray baste on one finger…keep finding bits and pieces of it everywhere.

So you might ask what I do when I finish a project? I spend a few hours grading papers instead, because school has started and I’ve been blowing it off. Tonight, I’m hoping to be back on the sewing machine with the little commissioned boob and with the big piece. I really don’t have time to take a break. I just need to put my head down and get back into it.

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