Pulled Up Like a Puppet…

OK. I am doing MUCH better on the art front as of last night, even though it took an hour and a half of the last two episodes of The Daily Show (yes, I’m behind) last night before I could stand up and function after school. Maybe I should just expect that I would need to flail on the couch for a while after school, but that I will eventually arise (pulled up like a puppet by my artistic tendencies) and make my way towards art world. Because that is usually what happens. I’m good that way. I even did MORE last night than I thought I would. So that is all good. Mostly because there’s two deadlines that are almost maybe not reachable. We’ll see. I’m feeling better about both of them as of last night.

First of all, part of my problem is I don’t usually just go home after school. Yesterday I had to pick up the mugs girlchild and I painted (see below), get cat food, and buy the groceries I’d forgotten to buy the day before because I didn’t make a list because I’m being lame. Or I’m overwhelmed by everything. Whichever.

THEN I laid on the couch. Really what I should have done then is make dinner, but for some reason that didn’t make sense (it was too hot), so I headed into the ironing cave…and finished.

Aug 27 15 004 small

This part didn’t take long. I really didn’t have much to do when the iron died the other day.

Aug 27 15 005 small

The next part was the bitchy part, and I did all of it while on the phone with the girlchild, who called with all the school news. Sounds awesome and she’s doing fine (at least on the phone). I think she’ll be fine, although the food might kill her.

So I pieced the background and then I had to clean that entryway floor, which meant moving the dog, who sleeps on the tile when it’s hot (it was only like 100 yesterday). Then I laid out the background and started dealing with the pieces. The smaller figure was easy, very compact. I decided the grays worked fine against the blue (you can see them here, from a distance, so they’re fine).

Aug 27 15 008 small

Then the next part was a pain in the ass. The torso was in two pieces, above the arm and below it, and they fit together fine, but the feet fitting into the landscape was a bitch and a half…all the time on the phone with the girlchild.

Aug 27 15 009 small

I am the Queen of Multitasking. I realize there’s no picture with the bird…or the stop light…they did get put on.

Then I transferred it to the ironing board for the longer steamier part of the ironing, wherein I try to make it all stick.

Aug 27 15 010 small

It only has to stick until I stitch it down, but in this case, that might be a while…because I have to finish that other project by the 12th; I’ve actually told them I hope to install on the 7th. So yeah. That could be an issue.

So I hung it up…

Aug 27 15 011 small

Ah, there’s the bird and the stoplight. Crappy picture, because it’s BIG. And so I can’t get it to hang up straight. But I like it. And that’s a good thing. It took 27 1/2 hours to iron it together. I calculated the final steps and I still have 40 hours of work to put into this thing probably, and I’ll have about 3 weeks at the most to do that. Well then. Who needs sleep?

Then I looked at the clock and it wasn’t that late. First I made dinner (whoops). I didn’t originally plan to get started on the next piece last night, because honestly, the process is not something I do all the time, and I was a bit nervous about how it would work. But there’s really only one way to get through that shit, and it’s to just try it, get on with it. So I did.

I wanted to start with the hands, since they’ll have to be double sewn, front and back, so I pulled a bunch of blues for that. Basically I looked for any blue fabrics that I didn’t really care about any more, or that I just had small pieces of or long strips, or stuff that I had used a lot of, or that I liked but never used because it doesn’t work in my quilts. I pulled those out of the bins…by the way, this isn’t all of it…there are three more bins I didn’t even touch last night.

Aug 27 15 014 small

Then I pulled some that were in similar color ranges, the light end of the blues, and I piled them over THERE (the stuff on the back of the table all nicely folded is all of the fabrics I used in the quilt I just finished. They are back there because I don’t put them away until the quilt is fully ironed, in case, like with this one, I need a piece for some reason like a lost piece or a weird hole, both of which happened)…

Aug 27 15 012 small

Then I sat at the sewing machine and started string piecing…you can’t see the outline of the hand right now, but it’s sewn on, so I can see it on the back.

Aug 27 15 013 small

I did that for about 35 minutes before I decided I was tired. But I know what I’m doing now. I just have to deal with fabric and color now. And construction, which is another minor headache. But I got a good start.

I also saw the last episode of Voyager…which I never saw the first time around because, well, babies and toddlers. So that was cool…but sad.

I feel better about the whole quilted human thing now though. I think I can do this.

The mugs…I painted the one on the left, girlchild the one on the right…

Aug 27 15 003 small

Wait for it…I’m the World’s Okayest Mom. Made me laugh.

Aug 27 15 002 small

And now I have TWO mugs, so I can stop drinking tea out of beer mugs. Maybe.

Late for school again. I suck at this…and a long meeting after school today, so who knows how functional I will be when I finally get home. Ugh.

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