Art Drive

When your brain wakes you up because it knows how much you have to do today. Not good. But I got a decent night’s sleep…for once, the mockingbird was silent when I crawled into bed. I was tired from kayaking and quilting. I finished the outlining last night (not early, by the way, but before midnight? I think? Wait, there’s an app for that. Yup! 11:50 PM)…

Jul 8 15 001 small

It’s funny, I’m not actually doing that much art each day (wish I were doing more), but this thing is getting done. It took 3 hours to do all the outlining…

Jul 8 15 002 small

It’s nice to do a smaller, less-complicated quilt every once in a while. It’s kind of a relief. Ha! The next one is a giant beast of a thing, and I don’t even know how big yet, because I haven’t finished drawing it. I piled all this stuff up on my light table yesterday, trying to get my head around what I needed to do, thinking about the proposal I submitted the other day for an experimental piece, something I’ve never done before (aack). But I need to stop worrying about that until they notify me (I won’t necessarily get in) and get this one DONE…

Jul 8 15 003 small

which means quilting the whole background today. No really. I mean it. And then draw the other one and get it started. Like now. OK. Maybe by the weekend.

Really, I should walk away from the computer right now, but my text messages are blowing up over school stuff (crazy changes ahead, again), and I’m supposed to go to the gym and I don’t feel like it. I feel like sitting down and quilting for three hours and finishing the beast. Aargh. This is what happens over summer. I can’t do anything but make art because it feels like there isn’t enough time for everything and the art is the most important thing. Fuck house cleaning and handling errands. Just make art. It really is a drive for me, a crazy impulsive thing that runs through me and tugs me along in this direction and talks to me when I’m trying to fall asleep. It murmurs in my sleep, disrupting circadian rhythms. It knocks on my skull during the work day and in staff meetings. Right now it’s screaming pretty loudly, but so is my plummeting blood sugar, so I should deal with that too.

Food. Then an internal argument over going to the gym (you get to read there! It’s good for you! It will make up for what you’re going to eat for dinner!). Then quilting. Getting it done.

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