Relaxation…the Workaholic Way…

So relaxation does not come easy to me. If it’s “vacation,” I tend to be doing just as much if not more than I do during the work year. I’m a workaholic. I do vacation the same way. With the foot injury and recovering from pneumonia way way back in February, I’ve really been trying to get back on track with my exercise plan, which has included trying to hike with the kids once a week and get back into going back to the gym. I’m also continuing to try to make art every day, which is a LOT easier if you don’t have to grade papers every night.

So I managed yesterday morning to clean a floor (kick the dogs out!) and then lay out a quilt on it and pinbaste the beast…

Jul 6 15 028 small

It’s actually quite small for me, supposed to finish at 18×40″. Teensy. I managed the pinbasting before the dogs broke through the screen door to get back in the house, and more importantly, lie all over the floor and detach their hair upon it.

Jul 6 15 029 small

I also stitched down the handy boob from last night…need to figure out what next on it.

Then the boychild and I set out upon a hike…It was supposed to be about 6 miles, but I think the boychild added a mile and a half onto it. The first part was what I expected…this is Hollenbeck Canyon Trail out near Jamul…

Jul 6 15 032 small

Although I’d never seen these flowers before…

Jul 6 15 035 small

There was still a little water left in the canyon…

Jul 6 15 036 small

And the only geocache I can keep in my memory banks was still there…

Jul 6 15 037 small

But then we had a divergence of opinion (I was right). Boychild wanted to take this path, which is not actually the trail that’s on the official map. OK. I’ve done this trail before. I remember the bitchy hill at the end of it.

Jul 6 15 038 small

Here’s the beginning of it. No matter what on this trail, there is a bitchy hill…

Jul 6 15 041 small

You can choose this one or the other one. This path is longer, but I don’t think the hill is worse. Jul 6 15 042 small

Notice he’s way ahead of me. Mom gets tired on the hills. Can’t breathe. So I stop and look back and take photos of the looming thunder clouds (no rain for us).

Jul 6 15 043 small

And he waits for me at the top. I actually picked this trail because there wasn’t a lot of having to wait for mom. So normally, we would now take THIS trail…down. Into the back end of the hike. But no…

Jul 6 15 044 small

He wants to take that one. Hell. That’s not on the map at all, dear heart. It’s not.

Jul 6 15 045 small

But I’m a good sport and he seems to think he’s done this before (he has).

Jul 6 15 047 small

But instead of heading north and then west to catch up with the other trail, it seems to be heading northeast. Like away. Hmnn. There’s a bird nest up in there.

Jul 6 15 048 small

Probably hawk or turkey vulture. So below, way far in the distance, is the trail we should be on. I just printed the map and I think we did an extra two miles on that section…

Jul 6 15 056 small

He’s going to argue it was less. Oh well. Eventually, after traipsing through poison oak and shady groves, we met up with the normal trail, a lovely walk through oak groves.

Jul 6 15 059 small

And this. Fenced off…marked with signs that it’s a wildlife special place (I’m sure there were more official words than that)…

Jul 6 15 060 small

And I’m betting this is a motion-sensor camera (which recorded me and the boychild making faces at it)…planted right in front of the water.

Jul 6 15 061 small

Very strange. More walking, as we consider when the sun will go down and whether boychild allotted time for his mother’s tiredness and short legs (he did it in 3 hours with a few walkbacks)…

Jul 6 15 062 small

Bug analysis…

Jul 6 15 065 small

Lots and lots of ants and their holes…I’m sure I killed hundreds of them by walking on them.

Jul 6 15 066 small

Long vistas with the marine layer coming in (a sign that night is near)…

Jul 6 15 067 small

These funky dead flowers…

Jul 6 15 069 small

And vistas worthy of a little home on a prairie apparently…

Jul 6 15 071 small

It was beautiful, and this little old lady did it (whatever IT is, 7 miles? 8?) in 2 hours and 40 minutes. With an ankle brace. Suck THAT.

Yeah. I know. I have issues.

So then I came home and actually was able to quilt after that…

Jul 7 15 001 small

No, I don’t know how. I just did. I didn’t do a whole lot, but I got started on the quilting, on the outlining. I think I’m up to the torso at this point. I might have part of a leg to do. Honestly, I got tired. Plus, I knew I needed to get up in the morning for THIS…

Jul 7 15 003 small

Oh yeah baby. Wet butt, probably sore neck and shoulders later tonight…kayaking on Mission Bay. A real joy. Mostly calm (some speedboats teaching kids how to ski), a seal ahead of us. I really enjoyed it. Not so long that I was in pain, although I’m tired right now…but totally long enough to know I did a mental and physical workout.

I need to do some more quilting now, because it looks like I might have an editing job coming in tomorrow. AACK! It really gets crazy now, doesn’t it? How many different ways can I have to earn money at once? As many as it takes. So quilting, editing, the odd writing job might pop up, a commission, some small art quilts. The boychild’s financial aid came in finally, and it was better than last year, but not as good as I wanted it to be, so I’m short money…I knew I would be. Just not how much. So I take deep breaths and figure out how to get it all done.

But apparently the relaxing part means running around outside in the natural world…which is the best thing for us hermits to be doing anyway. Tomorrow? I might just go to the gym instead. Just for a change.

2 Responses to Relaxation…the Workaholic Way…

  1. Julie in San Diego says:

    Probable plant ID: Yerba Mansa.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Those red and black bugs look like painted wood!

    I still need to incorporate more activity into my daily routine, and was thinking about walking/rambling. Your hikes encourage that. Isn’t it lovely to get a break from the real heat and be able to go hiking in daytime?! It’s supposed to last through Saturday. Don’t overdo it, though–I was just reading today why we NEED to use both our “hermit” time and our “out and about” (quilt groups included) time, but in balance. Looks like you are.


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