Crazy-Ass Rambling Nonsense

Officially on this morning, the girlchild has graduated from high school, so I have only college students (and me and two cats and a dog) in my house. We think her grades might even have been acceptable. Hard to say. That’s after surviving her having her purse stolen, but not, and thinking that perhaps someone was breaking into my house (god knows they’d never find anything at the moment…it’s a disaster area) because they had my house key and my address off her license. But no. The purse was locked up somewhere safe. And after her dad blamed my genetics (I know he was joking) for her spacey behavior, he then came here and lost his keys (seriously). Required a flashlight for retrieval. So yeah. Not my genetics dude.

Needless to say, we didn’t have dinner until late, and then we came back and all lolled around in the boychild’s room while he played music for us (on his computer…not with a real instrument) until mom was too tired and had to go to bed, and the two of them followed soon after.

I have pictures somewhere on my camera. I just don’t have the energy to find them. You’ll have to be happy with this graduation picture from last year.

Jun 19 14 008 small

I swear I’ll find the others and put them up eventually. But it looked kind of similar.

Today is the last day of school for me as well, and I am so not ready. I mean, I am, but I’m exhausted and there’s still 3 hours of managing kids and apparently my uterus, which has decided it’s not getting enough attention…much like a couple of my students. There’s crazy everywhere; it abounds at school and at home and on my email and my texts. I don’t have the energy for all of it.

I got no art made yesterday. I finished a book at graduation and then stitched a little bit. I’m not sure what I did the rest of the time. Tried to get crappy pictures of the girlchild? I got one good one of Odin. Sometimes my camera really irritates me.

Anyway, all you’re gonna get out of me today is crazy-ass rambling nonsense. Or maybe that’s all you ever get. I’m hoping for more rational sanity tomorrow…at least until I realize how much stuff I gotta get done over the summer. Then it will be a full-fledged panic…

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