That Place to Stop

Stayed up too late. Ugh. But the quilting! And I was almost done! And it won’t take much longer…just this little bit…don’t look at the clock, just finish. Not the best decision in the world. Oh well.

I had about a third of the outline quilting left to do when I abandoned this a week or so ago.

Apr 29 15 014 small

I pull out my trusty phone that has my trusty app on it where I keep track of my art time…oh holy crap. It’s been two weeks since I touched this. I wonder why? Just didn’t feel like quilting, I guess. What have I been doing? Sewing bindings…drawing. That’s about it, right? Not a whole lot, really.

This is not a huge quilt, so I figured I could make a serious dent in the quilting last night. I wasn’t starting as late as the night before, so that had to be a good thing. When I finished the outlining, I had to make a decision about the background, which has 70 trillion colors in it and goes from dark to light all over the place. So I picked a variegated thread that goes from orange through green through purple…

Apr 29 15 015 small

Which is kinda crazy if you think about it. My background does have purple, but more of a blue purple than this one. It has browns that verge on orange. There’s like no green at all.

I usually pick a thread that fades into the background color. I don’t like the background to compete with the image, but this one already does, so by using an allover stipple with a variegated thread, I was hoping to tone that down a bit…

Apr 29 15 016 small

Up close, it’s still a little crazy.

Apr 29 15 017 small

But I like it. And from a distance, it’s not obvious…just tones down the lights a bit…

Apr 29 15 018 small

I think it works. I’m really happy with this.

I finished all the quilting last night. I shouldn’t have. I really should have stopped somewhere on the right side of the quilt, given up on finishing it last night, and gone to bed. Deceptively not small quilt. I quilted for almost 4 hours last night. I’m officially crazy. And tired this morning. I know I survived on much less sleep than this last year, but I don’t know how I did it. Proof that there was something really truly wrong, I guess.

Tonight, I’ll (SLEEP!!!) um yeah that AND trim this and bind it hopefully. I probably should do some grades too, because progress report grades are due next Tuesday. Eh.

I do not know how I am going to choose a binding color for this thing. At my fiber art meeting on Sunday, I presented new work and so did another woman who used to quilt, but now makes things that hang on the walls that could be quilts, but she’s trying to move away from that to art (I did not take offense at that…mine are obviously both, and I don’t mind using all the trappings of quilting to make my art). She doesn’t use a batting, doesn’t quilt, and doesn’t bind the edges, but her work is abstract and rooted in traditional quilting in some ways, more contemporary calm and focused on simple shapes and movement across the piece. I like the binding on mine as a frame to the piece, especially when it’s hanging on the wall. It gives the eye a place to rest, points it back inside the piece. Like stop here, and bounce back into the image. So I will need a binding. And I’m going to have to rummage through my stash for all those binding pieces Mariah gave me and see if some of them work. I don’t think it would be strange to piece a binding for this quilt from multiple fabrics. But I still want that finished edge, that place to stop.

Maybe I will finish this one in April too.

No, I didn’t draw last night. Still working the legs out in my head.

All right. Need to take my exhausted self to work, where the kids are all flabbergasted that I have a Facebook page. Oh kids, kids…I’ve been on Facebook since before you started SCHOOL. Really? The world is such a strange place when you deal with middle school all day. My current students were born after 9/11. They don’t know a world without cable TV and cell phones and tablets, and yet they barely know how to use all that.

Shit. Another drawing popped into my head. Bloody hell. The drawing part of my brain is on a roll…BALANCE! Can’t get there.

3 thoughts on “That Place to Stop

  1. Fabulous. Quilting is so like weeding for me. I venture into a garden bed with dress shoes on just to get that one weed…and hours and very dirty shoes later, much work is done! It is hard to stop when one is on a roll. I started a lap quilt for my brother just over 48 hours ago, pieced it, quilted and bound it, also finished the quilting on a queen sized quilt, and started on the binding. Just couldn’t stop. The drawings in your head are such a gift, though. I struggle to do my design work. Not too many ideas just pop into my head. what a gift you have!


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