Quilting. It’s Happening…

Saturday ended up kicking my butt in many ways. The stress of picking colleges and trying to figure out how to make that decision reverberates out into surrounding people. But the girlchild is much closer to a decision, and I will not be the one taking her on this college visit. I’m OK with that. I did the last one. And I have a ton of work to do, both for school and art (and honestly, around the house as well). So that was a bit of a relief. Paris is out, because NYU wouldn’t offer enough money to even make it a realistic possibility. A year there is more than my annual income. I guess they think I have a basement full of cash somewhere.

Anyway. With all that off my back (mostly) by 1:30 PM on Saturday, I had really wanted to be pinbasted by then (ha! Life kicks my ass yet again.). I did have the floor cleaned by then…which was shortlived…someone threw up on it last night (a cat). Anyway, I got the backing pieced and everything ironed on Saturday afternoon and then took a well-deserved break from my life (really a hot tub should be involved on a weekly basis) and started again yesterday. Once I was back from the grocery store (Easter dinner had to be purchased, even for us heathens), I laid the backing and batting out…

Apr 6 15 001 small

Walked away and came back to a cat kneading it all into submission (no photos of my yelling at her and chasing her off). And then I put the top on…

Apr 6 15 002 small

And pinbasted it. I have lots of people who ask why I don’t spray-baste. I’m not a fan of chemical overspray, and this thing is large. I don’t have anywhere flat to baste something this big except in the entryway. I might try it someday with something small, but then I forget and I don’t actually own any of the spray and it’s just way easier to pin it anyway.

Apr 6 15 004 small

It took less than an hour. And then I realized that I hadn’t bought thread for this. I usually have a bunch of dark blue threads rolling around, because I use them the most, but I remembered on the last big quilt making a huge effort to use up all the bits and pieces on spools and emptying like 5 of them. I found one partial spool of a color that would work, and of course, my thread store was not open on Easter (sigh), so I knew I would only be able to quilt until I ran out of thread.

And then I would have to WAIT. Until today. Horrors.

Apr 6 15 006 small

I was only going to quilt for an hour or so, but the bug got me and I did over three hours…

Apr 6 15 007 small

There’s still a bit of thread on the spool, and in a few minutes, I will head on out to get more.

I stupidly sewed the quilt to itself at some point (whoops)…

Apr 6 15 008 small

Because the girlchild was in here, bogarting my computer and distracting me with all her prom-dress shopping trauma. We finally found the dress she likes, but only if she’s a size 2. Which no one is, c’mon now. OK, some people are, but they won’t be forever.

Anyway. I was also getting tired. This is how I store it so the cat can’t lie on it (or throw up on it, honestly)…

Apr 6 15 005 small

I’ve finished the whole bottom third of the torso and started up the fox arm. The elephants were a challenge…go see my Instagram (knida) if you want to check out their crazy detail. If I didn’t have 17 other things to do today, I could get significantly done…and I might still do that. That’s the problem. Art brain gets closer to done and won’t let me do anything else but make art. Which explains a lot about me, I guess…how I have to force myself sometimes to leave the house for work or social events. Anyway. (Hiking tonight, by the way)

Quilting. It’s happening. Don’t got much to say about it. Just gotta do it. I figure 20 hours or so…so 17 to go.

One Response to Quilting. It’s Happening…

  1. lorie says:

    It all adds up, work some here, work some there. It’s coming along..


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