This Is Not It

Nope. Not it. I mean, I drew it, but it was late and I was kinda tired and you can tell because the lines are all loosey goosey and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. So maybe this is a study for the final one.

Mar 4 15 002 small

I mean, it’s not a bad drawing, and it certainly has fewer pieces than many of my quilts, and I know what I was trying to do, but it’s not it. It’s OK. I have the technology. I can draw a new one. The main idea is there. It’s not like I don’t do multiple versions of drawings on a regular basis, especially if it’s for a particular theme or show. Why wouldn’t I do a quick speedy draw…seriously, this took maybe 20 minutes, and most of that was trying to figure out the fingers around the wine glass…which I really like. I think that’s the only part I really like. No, that’s not true. There’s a fluidity of line in there that I like. So I’m not knocking it out. I’m not.

This is just not it.

So when I don’t draw for a while (it’s been a month or so), my brain doesn’t forget how…it just needs to remember how to hold the pen and control it, to let the art brain have the pen, to let it go. (please don’t sing that damn song) I wasn’t able to really do that last night. Maybe tonight.

So once I’d purged that from my hand (brain?), I cut out more Wonder Under. I’m hoping to get to the ironing stage in the next few days, which means getting this done and ignoring the fact that it will take me an hour to sort all the damn pieces.

Mar 4 15 001 small

I’ve been cutting for 4 1/2 hours. My guess would be another 2 1/2 to go? It’s a total guess, by the way. I could make an educated guess, based on previous quilts, but that would presume I am way more awake at the moment than I am. OK. Apparently I’m lame. The last bigger quilt I made, I spent about the same amount of time tracing pieces, but I was done trimming Wonder Under in just under 5 hours. Either that, or these pieces are more complicated. I could go for that…because all those overlapping leaves and freakin’ feathers take forever to trace? (but they’re easier to cut out)…I don’t know. Or I’m just slow.

If this thing is really going to take 80 hours to finish, I need to get going. I have 3 1/2 weeks to Spring Break…I need it ironed to fabric and trimmed by then. That’s about 25 hours of work. Yikes! There’s a soccer tournament in there too. I can do this though. I just need to work smart. And not get sick again. Speaking of working smart, I probably need to go to work as well…that whole teaching thang. It pays the bills so I can buy more fabric.

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