On the Mend…Still…

Wednesday night, I felt OK…kept tracing…
Feb 20 15 3 small
It took a really long time to trace all the little apple tree parts: stems, leaves, apples. Tiny little beasts. I’m over 330 pieces in…and 4 1/2 hours. There’s 891 pieces, if you don’t count the 4 or 5 pieces I found so far that weren’t numbered. So another 560 pieces…another 6 hours? I’m done tracing the eentsy-weentsy pieces…so the rest should go faster. I hope.

Meanwhile, the coughing was getting worse though…

I had quilt class Thursday night, and I can’t trace a big drawing elsewhere, so I started cutting pieces out.
Feb 20 15 4 small
When I’m tracing, I often have animals helping me by lying in the way…thank you, Calli, for being mostly out of the way…
Feb 20 15 2 small
Babygirl has been coming out and socializing…which is funny, because she and the girlchild have a bizarre relationship. They didn’t really like each other in the beginning, but they seem to be developing some sort of relationship…
Feb 20 15 1 small
I guess when you’re down to two humans and three cats, and you’re a cat in need of attention, you can’t be too picky…which means it will be interesting when the girlchild leaves next year.

So yeah…I did go to the doctor…and I have pneumonia (whoops). I did actually suspect that back around Tuesday or Wednesday, and I already had an appointment for Friday morning, so I’m on antibiotics and will probably stop coughing up my lungs soon…I hope. And hopefully I’ll be more productive next week…

One Response to On the Mend…Still…

  1. Victoria says:

    Pneumonia! Kathy, take care of yourself. Rest!


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