Hooves on My Rooftop

OK, so it’s 10 minutes after midnight on Christmas Day. In the old days, I would have just finished putting all the Santa gifts out at whatever house Christmas morning would be. I might be stumbling into bed, actually tired, instead of wide awake like I am right now. I did nap earlier, though, so that’s like cheating. But once again, Christmas Eve was a psychotic race through shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Exhausted? Yeah. A bit. I did quilt though, and that was my goal. I wanted to be pinbasted yesterday, but the world conspired against me…so I got up early this morning and did it then instead…

Dec 24 14 001 small

This one is smaller on purpose…had to get done quicker, plus the gallery is relatively small and my work tends to be bigger than other media. I had to get up early because the plumber was coming at 9 to deal with the toilet that hasn’t worked for a good long time (turns out it was a nasty long living root) and I had to be at school at the same time. Our school staff donated over $1000 to a few needy students, and this morning, we delivered food and presents to 4 families. I was in charge of drawing/sketching supplies for a 7th-grade girl, so that was easy. I can always find a sketchbook and some stuff to color with. So the only time I was guaranteed to get it pinbasted was early. So I did. Because that’s the entryway floor and so you can’t have people coming in and out while you’re pinbasting.

Dec 24 14 003 small

The backing I found when I was moving fabrics around…I had quite a large chunk of it, so there’s still some left…

Dec 24 14 004 small

I seem to have a small piece of every skull fabric ever made.

After all the delivery of stuff and some errands, girlchild had finally sent me the Christmas dinner grocery list, so I headed over to get her and we went grocery shopping. Only two stores and 700 crazy people. It was good. OK. It was. I hate shopping under the best of circumstances, but at least most people are in a good mood on Christmas Eve, whether they want to be or not. We came back and I spent the next 8 hours cleaning and cooking. Girlchild went out to finish her Christmas shopping (we did some of that too), and I did one batch of cookies, then cleaned some more, then prepped something, I don’t know what else, there was a breakfast casserole in there, plus dinner, and also cookie dough to be cooked tomorrow. And cleaning. I hate cleaning. I especially hate it when it’s trying to find homes for things that need homes but you don’t really know where that home should be. I try to throw out as much as possible, but some of this stuff needed to be put away, not thrown. I wasn’t totally successful, but it’s better than it was. Really, why do we have three guitars?

It was a lot of hours. Honestly, I really wanted to be sitting on the couch, reading my book with a nice glass of wine at about 5 PM, but that didn’t happen. The glass of wine has finally shown up after midnight.

One of the things I wanted to do was a family photo. Not sure why. I’ve always done the kids and animals, but I guess I thought I should be in there too this year. Don’t know why. Girlchild and Calli are the only ones who are good at smiling…

Dec 24 14 011 small

But there it is. Now I can do a Christmas card. Yes, I realize it will be late. Whatever. Don’t judge. Let’s call it a 2015 card.

Girlchild wanted one with her and Calli by the tree.

Dec 24 14 018 small

They are both way more photogenic than I am.

Dec 24 14 023 small

Sweet puppy. She was sleeping on me while I napped.

So at some point in time…FINALLY…around 9 PM, I started quilting…

Dec 24 14 024 small

And I just did that until I started to get really tired…for almost 2 hours…

Dec 24 14 025 small

I wanted to do more, but my brain says that sewing while tired is a bad plan. Besides, I will have part of the afternoon tomorrow. I still need to make cookies (the dough is in the freezer) and green bean casserole (not the one everyone else makes…we have a special Nida version with no onions or cream of mushroom soup) and deviled eggs. The breakfast casserole is ready to go in the oven. Our fridge is so freakin’ full it’s crazy. I almost drove the chickens over to my ex’s house, because she’s cooking there tomorrow and his fridge is mostly empty compared to mine…but here…

Dec 24 14 027 small

She made cinnamon rolls from scratch. She crazy.

Anyway. I’m quilting. That’s good. It was a crazy busy day, but mostly it’s done now. And I wish I had gotten more done, but then again, I always wish that. I wish for the sound of hooves on the rooftop too…it’s a sign of magical doings during a magical season. Remembering when the kids were small and there was that crazy excitement…instead of the crankiness I’ve been experiencing lately. Theirs…not mine. And half the house is really clean, which is nice. The other half…I’m working on it. Have I thought about grades? Fuck no. They can wait. How long will the quilting take? I don’t know. The last one took 17 hours to quilt. Holy crap. I hope this one doesn’t. It’s smaller. It has fewer pieces. I don’t think I can finish in time if it’s 17 hours. Maybe I can. Whatever. I’m two hours in. All I can do is log more hours tomorrow, because it’s Christmas Day, and it should always include artmaking…the gift to myself.


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