Best Present Ever

So in case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is about to bitchslap you across the face, whether you like it or not. I’m so not ready. The tree is finally done, and there’s three presents and a big fat black cat underneath it, waiting to vomit up the three pounds of pine needles she’s eaten.

Dec 23 14 001 small

The house is getting closer to clean, after I threatened all living bipeds in the house and got the floors cleaned (well, part of them…I have to do the rest, and no, there are no undead bipeds here). The shopping…oh god. The shopping is not done, and I’m afraid of going anywhere, plus we’re still down to one car, because the mechanic can’t find the problem in mine, so he’s gonna drive it to LA and back today to do his Christmas shopping and to see if it will reproduce the issue (not really. But I told him he could.).

Girlchild had a soccer final yesterday; they lost in the penalty kicks. It sucks, but life goes on. She was more traumatized by it than I. I was traumatized by the yelling that happened afterward and the 45 minutes I had to spend in the grocery store with other people who could not find the fancy cheeses and the eggnog. Apparently I have to go again, because Meat Armageddon here at home for Christmas dinner. I suggested we just serve side dishes and dessert and fuck the meat. I know three people who will fuss about that though. I also know three who won’t. And the dessert is chocolate, and I still won’t complain.

I stitched at the game (I also finished my book, because it was warm and sunny and people are annoying and I don’t want to talk to them right now).

Dec 23 14 004 small

Another bird done…and there’s the third one in this group that is almost done. Seriously, it would take me like 10 minutes to finish it.

Then I made a concerted effort to clean crap up and get the house in shape for Christmas morning, which is here. At my house. But one of the chores for break was to replace two broken fabric drawers, because the sun was starting to fade some of the fabrics…I had bought a bunch of new containers a while ago, but never got around to doing the deed…and what’s cool is that if I buy three more, I actually have more storage space under there.

Dec 23 14 003 small

These are shorter in height, so I can fit three instead of two in there. They’re also thinner in width, but I think that’s OK. I had four in there before and all the blacks and pinks were in those four, but I had about 6 or 7 shoeboxes worth of pinks on top of that, and I think I can get all of them into two more drawers, and then maybe move some of the brown or gray that’s taking over the world into the third drawer. I’m really working on organizing this shit. The old drawers were from when I was married, and plastic does age, especially plastic in the sun. I couldn’t get opaque drawers cheaply this time, so I have old towels covering the backs of these, because yes, that’s a sliding glass door behind them that never opens. Whatever. You make a studio wherever and however you can.

But there is no way in hell I am going to the mall today to get three more drawers. That’s crazy talk.

I finally started stitching down last night again…

Dec 23 14 005 small

I did a little before I made dinner, and then a bunch after…

Dec 23 14 006 small

I was waiting up for girlchild, who has now finished two college applications…of you don’t want to know how many…and needed a break to ice skate. In Southern California. Whatever. I think Denny’s was involved. Remember high school and Denny’s? Yeah.

Dec 23 14 007 small

That pile is going to be awesome when the quilting happens. So I need to sandwich and pinbaste today (which means I need to clean yet another floor), but first we’re doing the gym and I do have about 400 other things to do. I really wanted to draw yesterday, but I can’t find the mental space (or physical space…there’s competition for couch space now). So maybe…um…shit, I don’t know when.

But back to the title of this post. I realized I would be quilting on Christmas Day. You know that down time between opening presents and serving dinner? I don’t have to cook much, being the support chef only, so mostly, I do art stuff during that down time. Every year. Whatever project I’m working on, I get to spend time working on it, usually in a very peaceful space with no one bugging me. Sometimes I have to take dogs for a walk (we’re down to one dog…that’s sad…and yes, we considered puppies for everyone for Christmas presents). Sometimes I am stuck at a grocery store (hell). But mostly, I give myself the gift of art time. That whole art/work/life/love balance is on my mind today. Making sure you get what you need AND what you want…best present ever. Looking forward to it.

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