Well, if I were more with it, this would be a fantastic post of weekend trip pictures and stories…but I’m not with it. In fact, I’ve probably got some mutant version of the flu, which is manifesting itself as a nasty, rib-cracking cough and a hearty game of chills vs fever. Of course, it was also the weekend I’d planned a kamikaze Friday-night field trip to Santa Clara to the Pacific International Quilt Festival to see my curated exhibit I’m Not Crazy. Friday morning at school, I put my head down during my prep and dreamed of sleep…in a bed…it was many hours before I reached that. Saturday I saw the show (more on that later) and photographed the exhibit, then had to rest and revive with a dose of hot tea, pseudo epinephrine, and Tanya (each was beneficial in its own way). Lunch was awful, and then we headed for the airport. I’m sure having sinus congestion didn’t help (I think my right ear has finally popped), plus there’s something purely nauseating about being in the back seat of a taxi.

I officially collapsed last night. Eventually I managed some tea (the universal feel-better drink) and pizza, and then back to bed. Twenty-eight throat lozenges later, my ribs feel like I gave birth to an alien, my brain is mush, and I spent probably 5 hours in bed or collapsed on a couch or chair today.

Yes, I also went to a soccer game. I sat. I did not yell. Once or twice, I put my head down. (We had dueling soccer games. I’m sure if there had been only one, I could have stayed in bed. As it was, I almost stayed in the car, but the sweltering heat made that nigh impossible.)

Oh yeah, and my camera card ate a bunch of pictures in the middle of the show and I didn’t have the energy to go back and rephotograph. The last time it did that, it finally coughed up the eaten photographs more than 6 weeks later, so maybe they will show up for Christmas. You just never know.

What I do know is that things are rarely easy…and I’m truly glad I got to see the show in real life and that I took the time to go up there, despite all the other crap. I also know that I’m going to bed early tonight and hopefully will feel more like a human tomorrow…if not, there’s always Urgent Care.

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  1. Martha says:

    Feel better soon!


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