Earth Stories

Good news arrived this morning via email…I was accepted to SAQA’s 25th Anniversary exhibition, Earth Stories, which will open at the Michigan State University Museum in May 2014. That’s like a million years from now, but the pictures are already popping into my head. I went kind of around the bend on this one, trying to come up with a group I thought was having a significant effect on essentially saving the Earth. I’ll be back later with that process, once the snot clears from my nostrils and I know what guidelines to follow about discussing this exhibit. Just know that you’ll probably laugh at me. Or be mad at me. Whatever.

The other accepted artists are listed below…some I have exhibited with before in Sightlines and other exhibits, and some are brand new to me…I’m looking forward to the next few months as I start to flesh out my ideas (ironic term)…I love it when art gets this exciting…

The artists:

Britta Ankenbauer
Brooke Atherton
Regina Benson
Benedicte Caneill
Maya Chaimovich
Marion Coleman
Nancy G. Cook
Jennifer Day
Noriko Endo
Jean Herman
Annie Helmericks-Louder
Patty Hawkins
Paula Kovarik
Lynn Krawczk
Carol Larson
Alicia Merrrett
Kathy Nida
Mary Pal
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs
Marilyn Prucka
Valya Roenko
Susan Shie
Cynthia St Charles
Leni Wiener
Kathy York

2 Responses to Earth Stories

  1. Kathleen Bricker says:

    Right in the neighborhood! I’ll be certain to be at this one. Lynn K lives not far from me as well. Great news – congratulations!


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