Let It Run All over Me*

June 12, 2017

Busy weekend, working and music and art opening…I did manage some of that down time…which was a good thing. I didn’t disappear the to-do list though. It still lurks, reminding me that summer vacation is a misnomer…that teachers pick up all the pieces in summer that they’ve been dropping all year long. At least I might be able to sleep in an hour or two. At least I won’t have to deal with 12-year-olds for 8 weeks. I might get more free time. I’ll certainly have more time for exercise, especially hiking. I’m looking forward to that.

But first we survive the last week of school. And that is not a small thing, for teachers or students.

So first of all, I have three pieces hanging at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts through June 24, part of the SAQA Untethered Thread exhibit…yes, I had three with no nudity (although the larger one is called NakedMan).

IMG_5286 small

You should check out the show…there are some very nice pieces in it.

IMG_5162 small

Then we headed over to the parentals for dinner…it’s been a while. Yes, Calli is still a conehead. Her foot troubles have been a pain. She’s a good dog. Just keeps conking us with the cone.

IMG_5304 small

She uses it to scoop up balls while playing fetch though.


IMG_5311 small

I did a bunch of grading this weekend…I’m basically done. I have a few more things that need to go in, but then that’s it. I need to do all the comments too. Ugh. Hate that.

I finished the one piece of trellis stitch that I hadn’t done on Friday.

IMG_5316 small

I did three nights on here…two on Sunday morning and one on Sunday night. Let’s see if I can remember what: the herringbone and cretan lines on the left, plus the fishy lazy daisies on the right.

IMG_5317 small

Now I’ll embellish off of them.

My parents’ dog is here for one night. We offer a special service. We will remove one dog’s worth of hair from your dog if you let them stay here. Yes, that’s right…one dog’s worth of hair.

IMG_5323 small

Such a deal. This dog sheds weird. The boychild did that. He wasn’t sure when to stop (before the dog has no hair?).

Then I decided I had earned art time. I traced for an hour or so…

IMG_5325 small

I did all the tiny tree parts, basically…from piece 71 to piece 176.

IMG_5326 small

I’m not sure how much I can really justify working on this in the next three weeks…unfortunately, it’s not on the to-do list. It will be, but probably after July 1. I think that’s when my vacation really starts. I hope.

*Van Morrison, And It Stoned Me

Stitch Dialectic

April 12, 2016

I braved the rain Sunday for the opening of a local SAQA show, Stitch Dialectic.

regional show poway 2

Sometimes, when I remember to make a quilt without boobs in it, I have a piece for this exhibit. Not this year, but I did find some pieces I really liked while I wandered around.

Canyon De Chelly, by Patricia Charity, had all this amazing textural complexity. It’s even better in real life (because you can ignore the unfortunate lighting).

DSCN0026 small

Broken, by David Charity, her husband, has a graphic quality, in this case both in image and subject matter, that I truly appreciate.

DSCN0029 small

Rusted, by Carol Sebastian-Neeley, is another one that is even more radiant in real life. The surface of her work was truly beautiful.

DSCN0031 small

Whidbey Island 5, by Sherri Foster, was simple but so textural, with lines of close stitching only visible up close.

DSCN0033 small

Siena Portal, by Carol Sebastian-Neeley, used that yellow hand-dyed fabric to create a sense of dimension.

DSCN0035 small

Close Reading, by Viviana Lombrozo, is ironically so much better up close. I should have taken a detail, but I was in a hurry. There’s hand-stitching everywhere in what looks like a secret alphabet.

DSCN0037 small

Waiting Expectantly, by Sherry Davis Kleinman, is simple, but so evocative of that last month, waiting for baby to come out. So few lines and limited detail create a beautiful portrait of her daughter.

DSCN0039 small

From the show postcard, Botanica Balboa and Floribunda Balboa, by Karen Cunagin. If you’re local, these quilts speak of Balboa Park.

DSCN0041 small

Kalamina Gorge, by Carol Sebastian-Neeley, has more of that complicated surface beauty that is hard to photograph.

DSCN0044 small

Bitmap, by David Charity, shows his sense of humor.

DSCN0046 small

Three-Eighths, by Catherine Baltgalvis, is exactly the kind of subtle yet complex quilt that I could never make, but appreciate for its visual interest.

DSCN0052 small

There were many other quilts to catch your fancy. It’s up until the 24th, so you should stop by.


October 11, 2014

I apparently needed some recovery the last two nights. I got home from the drawing thing relatively early (well, for normal people, it would have been bedtime), and I couldn’t focus on ironing or grading (the two things that currently rule my world), so I made a cup of tea and took it to bed with a book. That is one of those things I love to do, by the way, and I rarely do it: read in bed with a cup of tea. I try to fit it in to my weekends, at least once on the two days, but honestly, sometimes it’s just not possible (like this weekend, for example). I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed with work and life and even art, working my butt off in every realm, so it made sense to just take a break from all of it and read about somebody else’s world.

I was hoping I would be less useless last night, but ha! Oh yeah. So I went to an opening after school and counseling, not a short drive, blood sugar not great (I did not plan well…I plan better for hikes than I do for social events). The SAQA regional exhibit Shades of Passion opened officially last night at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. It runs through October 29 and is open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5 and Saturdays from 11-3, although I suspect most people see the work when they are there for a performance or event. I think my piece might confuse a few people…

Kathy Nida005 copy small

Eyeball Tree has no nudity, so it was really my only option for entry. There’s a size and content restriction, so I often struggle with finding work in my collection for this show. I do try to have a few smaller, nude-free pieces around for stuff like this. There’s another one I know is coming up next summer for Ventura’s public buildings, so I will need to think about making a few more next year (after I finish the crazy that I’m working on now). That is probably the closest I get to changing my work for upcoming shows…I go through my drawings and find the ones with no nudity and make one or two of those if I like them. Or I don’t. It’s interesting, though, that the two pieces that did get into Visions and Quilt National were both minus nudity.

It was early when I got to the opening, so there weren’t a lot of people…mostly women, some wandering around and asking if this art quilt thang was a new thang. Um. No. But thanks for coming. My pictures are crap and I didn’t even try to write artists’ names down (I blame exhaustion)…

Oct 11 14 001 small

But there is some very nice work in the show…

Oct 11 14 002 small

As always, I’m never really sure how the theme pertains to what’s hung.

Oct 11 14 003 small

But it probably doesn’t matter to those observing.

Oct 11 14 004 small

I didn’t even get pictures of all the quilts…too many people in the way.

Oct 11 14 005 small

But it gives you an idea of what’s there, in case you want to stop in and take much better photos than I did.

I have two more openings tonight, one the second soft opening of the FIG show at Art Produce and one is QuiltVisions, which I’m looking forward to, mostly to see what got in, but maybe to see people as well. Depends on how social I’m feeling. Hopefully more social than last night, after more than 8 hours of sleep.

Because what I did when I got home? I waffled. I sat down on the couch and arranged the stuff to be graded. I ARRANGED it. I did not start grading. I made a cup of tea because I was tired. Then I started reading my book. And I kept meaning to stop reading and do some grading or ironing, and then I got distracted by weird bills from Cornell that said the boychild had gone to the doctor, when he says he didn’t. Money’s tight. I’m not paying for someone else’s STD testing. (that’s not really what it was, but you can mess with the boychild pretty easily if you want about that stuff) And then the girlchild came home from Homecoming (came home from…that’s funny) and we finally got the lizard off the ceiling after three days (it’s a really high ceiling…it took a box, a bench, a stepladder, and a duster). And then I was going to try (after second cup of tea) to iron. And then I was just too damn tired. So I went to bed. And about 14 things woke me up in the night, so I am still tired now, but I obviously needed all that sleep.

I will iron today. I will grade today. I will get caught up on something. My goal of being ironed down to the background fabric by next Friday? Um. I don’t know. I’m hoping I can pull it off, but it honestly means I will probably have to get at least 4 hours done this weekend, which I can probably do, unless my brain wanders off and reads a whole book in one evening like it did last night. Stupid brain.

And all the rejection stuff in my head, because rejection is not just living in my art at the moment, I’m just pushing it off into the corner and working. Because if I get enough work done, whether it’s grading papers or ironing tiny pieces of fabric together, I think the rest of it will matter less.

Fiber Reactions in Poway

December 5, 2013

My local SAQA exhibit Fiber Reactions opened at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts in Poway, California, yesterday and runs through early January.

PowayShow2013 front

I have two pieces in the show, hanging next to David Charity’s work, which makes total sense to me.

The official opening is Saturday, December 14, but I will not be there…

PowayShow2013 back

Nor will I be at either of the two docent tours, being as how I have to work and all.

At some point, I will get up there to see the show, but honestly, probably not until Winter Break. If you want to see Ball

NidaBall small

And BirdWatch (I’m wondering how the Poway crowd is going to take these two pieces), then check it out. Send me pictures.

NidaBirdWatch small

I have a couple, but they’re blurry. I have pictures of my quilts, obviously, so you should grab a total stranger and have them stand in front of my quilt and wave while you take the picture. Or something.

Protected: Getting in and Getting on…

November 29, 2012

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